95% of licensed cosmetologists will leave the industry less than 5 years after being licensed.  Of the remaining 5% who continue working in salons, only 20% will ever make enough money to retire and live comfortably.  My mission is to change that.

As a former hair stylist and Salon Director, I was often frustrated working with other industry business coaches.  There was so much information out there about what to do in theory, but nobody was teaching how to do it.  Through trial, error, blood, sweat and tears, I've created a system that actually teaches stylists step-by-step how to grow their business without any fluff or theories.

I started coaching hairstylists, salon owners and beauty professionals in creating a successful marketing strategy.  I've seen the most beautiful salons and most talented stylists shutting down business because they are lacking in the marketing department.  Successful corporations have whole teams of people dedicated to marketing full time.  Unfortunately, most salons or individuals can't afford to hire a marketing team so I wanted to make salon marketing easy, affordable and attainable for every salon at every budget.  

My goal is to help you build the business of your dreams by making your marketing strategies simple and effective.  I share with you everything I've learned in the industry about building your clientele quickly, increasing your income and improving the experience for your clients.  My blog is dedicated to sharing simplified formulation and business building techniques that any stylist on any budget can apply to their business.  

 Even the busiest stylist or business owner can have a gorgeous, structured marketing plan on a minimal budget with limited free time.  You just need a plan and I'm here to provide you with that plan. Flourishing professionals stop surviving, start thriving and enjoy all of the benefits this amazing industry has to offer.

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I am bursting at the seams to share with you everything I know about building your business in this incredible industry! In the meantime, help point me in the right direction.  If you have a hot topic that you're dying to know about, please drop me a line and I'll be sure to include my best advice in an upcoming newsletter or post.  XOXO


Hey Loves! Thank you so much for joining my party.  I'm  a hairstylist turned salon business manager who is obsessed with marketing, business building and personal growth. I've been working with stylists across the US to turn their business around, increase their income, build clientele and improve their marketing strategy.  I am a Bay Area girl, born and raised and am now raising my own family while chasing my dreams.  I have spent the last 9 years soaking up every drop of information I can find about how to become successful in this industry.  It takes hard work, confidence, dedication, but most of all a leader and some guidance.  I've seen and heard so many stories of salon professionals giving up or just barely surviving and I'm here to tell you it doesn't need to be that way.  You can flourish in this industry and I'm here to help.  Let's stop surviving and start thriving!     XOXO Britt
I am currently fully committed for on-site class requests through 2017. Contact britt@brittseva.com for all class, speaking & media requests.
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