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Episode #010: 5 Excuses Stylists Make When Trying To Grow Their Business

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Do you feel like you would be working harder to grow your business, but there are some key reasons that you aren't actively able to grow your clientele?  Real talk: all of those reasons are BS.

In today’s episode we are talking about many excuses stylists have been known to use when trying to grow their business. Not only are we going to shine a light on each, but I’m going to share how you can start overcoming them – today! 

Hi-lights you won't want to miss:

>>>2:08-What is the definition of “excuses” and why we make them

>>>4:35-What the standard price of a marketing system in this industry really is

>>>6:07-We all have the same amount of time in a day - how do you choose to spend it?

>>>8:14-Marketing is all about momentum!

>>>9:32-Why you need more than just organic growth in order to thrive

>>>10:50-Are you referral worthy (how you can tell)?

>>>13:02-Your potential clients are on social media - find the right platform for you!

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Episode #009: Overcome the fear of saying "no" 

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Do you find that you have a hard time saying "no" to your family, friends, co-workers or clients?  What if I told you that because you aren't saying no more often, you're losing money, having more re-do's and working way too hard? 

As a stylists, do you feel like you are being bullied, overworked and under paid? Real talk – it’s about saying one simple word...no. In this episode, I’m helping you out by giving you all the tools you need to start saying no more often and changing your life in a big way.

Hi-lights you won't want to miss:

>>>2:05-What skills to possess that can eliminate the worry of saying “No”

>>>3:19-The real reasons that we hesitate to “No” and what are the four things to keep in mind each time we say it

>>>6:13-How to handle discounts requests – and discounts you may be offering without even realizing it

>>>9:27-The way you can price yourself as a professional and not feel bad about publishing those prices

>>>13:53-Why you need to stick to your schedule…

>>>21:25-Tips on managing your consultations

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Episode #008: Finding your confidence as a stylist, salon owner or educator so that you can overcome any challenge

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Do you feel like you're put in a tough situation and you just can't find the words or you've got the words but not the guts to spit them out?  Maybe you aren't sure you're ever going to make it or you've got what it takes to level up.  I've got just what you need.

I’m so excited to bring you today’s episode, because it’s about one of my most requested coaching topics. It’s also something I discovered is a bubbling, underlying issue for other challenges such as retention, finding a great salon to work at, building a clientele or putting yourself out there on social media.

We’re looking at how to find and increase your self-confidence. It’s an that issue most stylists, salon owners and educators have dealt with in the past, or continue to deal with, but you’ll hear how it doesn’t have to be this way.

Hi-lights you won't want to miss:

>>>2:47-Why increasing confidence doesn’t mean that you can’t remain humble

>>>4:55-The point in my own life where my self-confidence clicked in (and entirely changed my life) 

>>>9:37-The reason why you’ll need to have the vision of who you want to be

>>>11:25-What your wardrobe is really saying about you (and what to do if you’re stuck in a rut with it) 

>>>16:11-There are consequences to keeping your ideas to yourself…

>>>22:30-The relationship between luck and success

>>>23:13-Choose your words wisely, and don’t forget to smile



7 Step Process to Build Your Self-Confidence (download) 





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Episode #007-Determine if a salon partnership is right for you or improve your existing partnership

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Have you considered opening a salon with a friend, co-worker, family member or even just an investor?  Are you already in a partnership and it’s just not going that great?

Have you considered opening a salon with a friend, co-worker, family member or even just an investor?  Are you already in a partnership and it’s just not going that great?

Partnerships are like marriages.  They take a lot of work, great communication and a strong foundation if they are going to make it for the long haul

Join me as we dive deep into the steps you’ve got to take before deciding if a partnership is even right for you, choosing the perfect partner or repairing a broken partnership before it’s too late.

Hi-lights you won't want to miss:

>>>1:03-One stylists story as she debates her first partnership

>>>3:15-The 5 pieces every stylist must consider before entering a partnership

>>>3:52-The 3 reasons why salon owners choose partnerships and why 2 of them are terrible!

>>>8:21-Why going in to a partnership with an investor (even if it's a family member) can be a recipe for disaster

>>>10:55-The perfect partnership

>>>11:36-The exercise that every current stylist or salon owner absolutely must do if they are in a partnership or are considering one

>>>15:59-The communication nightmare that can crush even the best partnerships

>>>23:30-The 49/51 rule

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Episode #006: Thriving Stylist Spotlight:Kristen Degroff


Meet Kristen Degroff

Kristen is an amazing stylist and member of my Thrivers Society program from Cuyahoga Falls, OH.

Hi-lights you won't want to miss:

>>>2:25-How Kristen got her start in the industry

>>>3:20-Why Kristen isn't even considering booth rental and why she loves being a commission stylist

>>>8:04-Why she didn't bother to build a clientele for 3 years

>>>9:05-When she knew she had to give up everything, start over and leave her salon

>>>10:20-Overcoming the fear and starting from scratch and the ultimatum she gave herself

>>>12:48-How Kristen effectively uses social media today and how she got her start with the platforms

>>>17:33-Kristen's top tips for us as we work to build our clientele

>>>19:25-Why Kristen started posting pictures of herself on social media and how one photo shoot gave her a years worth of content

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Episode #005: Uncover the blindspots in your business and discover why you aren't achieving the level of success you could be.

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Do you feel like you're doing everything you can to grow your business as a hair stylist and it's still not happening?  Let's discover the blindspots haunting you and work to clear them.

I am so guilty of putting blinders on, nose to the grindstone and working towards a goal until I reach it or the wheels fall off.  Sometimes I do a happy dance when it all comes together, sometimes I'm in tears because I don't understand why it's not working for me.

We can all achieve any level of success we want.  For real.  Decide how much you want to make, what you want your career to look like and you can have that so long as you follow the right plan to make it happen.  

If you're like me, you've felt like you were doing all the right things yet still not achieving some of your goals.  Blindspots are to blame and we'll uncover the biggest ones right here.

Hi-lights you won't want to miss:

>>>3:19-What a blindspot really is and how I find mine

>>>5:47-How to know if your business is truly healthy (not just surviving or doing okay)

>>>7:42-The path every client follows before landing in your chair

>>>10:20-Why your current social media and marketing efforts might be falling flat

>>>14:30-The blindspot likely hiding in your retention

>>>17:16-A real story about a 20 year stylist who couldn't figure out why she wasn't growing and how we overcame the challenge

>>>20:16-Why great shampoos, neck massages, coffee and great conversation aren't enough anymore

>>>25:00-Why coming in to see you as a stylist needs to be a drug for your guests

>>>25:29-The biggest and hardest blindspot I see most often when I coach

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Episode #004: The 4 part cycle that is causing boredom and overwhelm as a hair stylist

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End the seemingly endless cycle of overwhelm, frustration and boredom and finally achieve all of your goals and feel re-energized as a stylist or salon owner.

I don't know about you, but my professional career has been full of highs and lows.  Sometimes I love the beauty industry and sometimes I feel maxed out and overwhelmed trying to keep up with all of the little pieces of running business.  


The frustration used to get the best of me until early in 2017 when I discovered the 4-part cycle that all entrepreneurs and small business owners go through.  Now that I understand the cycle, I get to skip all of the pain and frustration and just fall deeper in love with this industry and my career over and over.


Hi-lights you won't want to miss:

>>>2:00-What the cycle feels like, trust me, you'll relate

>>>4:06-Everybody's favorite part of the cycle and why we should be there as often as possible

>>>5:30-My favorite places to find professional inspiration

>>>6:21-Why we choose to take classes and today's best education options

>>>9:00-Why education may actually be your downfall

>>>10:04-The phase we are generally in the longest and why it is our downfall

>>>11:37-The fork in the road that causes frustration, anger and negativity

>>>13:36-How to break the cycle and stay happier in your career longterm

>>>11:37-Let's get real, behind the scenes of my most recent breakdown

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Episode #003: Thriving Stylist Spotlight:Lisa Huff

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Meet Lisa Huff

Lisa is an amazing stylist and member of my Thrivers Society program from Lincoln Illinois.

Hi-lights you won't want to miss:

>>>5:20-Why it's completely normal to fall deeper in love with the industry and social media as your success involves

>>>6:45-Why having a balance of young balayage clients and 8-week root touch ups is a great thing and how to get your older clients excited about social media

>>>9:00-Why walk-ins aren't a solid way to build a clientele and why Lisa had to let all of those clients go to build her business

>>>10:25-How to know when it's time to leave your salon and how to prep for the move

>>>11:52-What to do as a studio suite owner to make the environment exceptional

>>>16:34-How Lisa created a steady stream of 5-15 new guests each month

>>>19:09-The innovative way that Lisa schedules her new color clients and why she does it

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Episode #002: Get organized and make real progress with my Hair Stylists Productivity Planner

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Get the Hair Stylists Productivity Planner

Do you have about a million ideas, dreams and plans spinning around in your head right now?  This one is for you.  We'll discover which tasks will make the biggest impact in your business, choose your focus and create a 90-day action plan.

Hi-lights you won't want to miss:

>>>4:50-Why working harder doesn't actually get you any closer to your goals

>>>5:34-How to choose the area of your business that really needs the most help and refine your focus

>>>9:30-How to "brain dump" and create your task list when you don't even know where to start

>>>16:25-How to choose just your top projects and allow the rest to fall to the back burner

>>>21:05-Creating your totally do-able weekly mini task list and 90 day action plan

>>>23:54-The magic of the "realistic stretch"



Episode #001: Meet Britt!


Britt's Story

I became a Social Media & Marketing Strategist for hair stylists by chance, I keep it real by choice. 

After growing up in the cozy beach town of Half Moon Bay California, I dreamed of finding a career that would allow me to live a wealthy life full of love, fun and work-life balance.  I welcomed my first child at 18 and, with the pressure on to create an incredible life for my growing family, I decided to become a hairstylist.

I dove in head first building my clientele in 2008 just as the most recent US economic recession hit.  My secret to success…no fear of being weird.  At the time, nobody was teaching stylists how to use social media to market themselves and the strategies that were being shared were dated and ineffective.  I decided immediately to break the mold and forge my own path to success by trying innovative techniques that other stylists thought were insane.

After being promoted to the position of Salon Director in my 7-figure salon, other salon owners starting asking if I’d be able to help them grow their business and teams.  Word spread that I knew my sh*t and the demand grew to a point where I couldn’t fulfill all of the requests I was receiving for support.

In 2014 my Thrivers Society Business Building System For Hair Stylists was launched online and to date I’ve coached thousands of hair stylists to success.  I am addicted to the feeling of making a real difference in this industry by teaching not WHAT to do to build business as a stylist, but detailed techniques on HOW to actually do it.  

Confession: I’m a secret tech geek and I spend my free time taking classes on social media and online marketing strategy from today’s leading experts.  My current students love that I’m always bringing cutting edge strategy, yet my teaching style keeps the lessons light, fun and simple.  While making tons of money is great, my coaching helps stylists to achieve a well rounded wealthy life filled with more time off off, less stress and the money flowing in is the icing on the cake.

Tell me more about the podcast

Confession: I'm addicted to podcasts.

You may not have ever even listened to a single podcast so let me just prepare you for the magic that is about to happen.

I have a list of about a dozen go-to podcasts that I listen to weekly and I find my self racing to get to the car, eager to walk the dog and smiling through my workouts now that I've got these incredible podcasts playing through my earphones daily.

It's like having incredible mentors and industry leaders speaking to me weekly and sharing simple strategies that I can apply to my life to make it just a bit easier.

I'll be sharing a new episode weekly moving forward in one of the following 3 formats:

Thriving Stylist Spotlight-featuring the story of a real, successful, yet non-famous stylist who is kicking butt and making big money in the industry


The Struggle Is Real-I'll be answering questions from you all on-air and providing real and actionable solutions 


Thriving Stylist Strategies-We'll tackle all of the roadblocks that most stylists are struggling with today.  No fluff, just real and detailed strategic marketing strategy.


Each week my goal will be for you to walk away feeling more confident about growing your business than you did the week before.

Rewards & Bonuses

If you haven't been hanging out with me for a while, you might not know that I'm obsessed with gifts and surprises.

>>>I'll be announcing some fun bonuses and opportunities inside the podcast itself, but for every 25 reviews the podcast receives, I'll create a brand new training workbook for you all<<<

That's right....you give me some feedback about what you love about the podcast AND what you want to hear more of, and I'll reward you with additional free training resources.

Sounds good, right?!?!

It's easy, is done from your phone, takes less than 90 seconds and earns you free training...it's a no brainer.

Click here for directions on how to leave your rating and review.

How do I participate?

I've created an awesome PDF that shows you exactly how to subscribe to the podcast, submit questions and get signed up for show updates.  Click below to get your copy:


If you have questions you want answered, I want to hear from you!  

Submit your questions, struggles or topic suggestions below and let's connect!

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