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Episode #003: Thriving Stylist Spotlight:Lisa Huff

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Meet Lisa Huff

Lisa is an amazing stylist and member of my Thrivers Society program from Lincoln Illinois.

Hi-lights you won't want to miss:

>>>5:20-Why it's completely normal to fall deeper in love with the industry and social media as your success involves

>>>6:45-Why having a balance of young balayage clients and 8-week root touch ups is a great thing and how to get your older clients excited about social media

>>>9:00-Why walk-ins aren't a solid way to build a clientele and why Lisa had to let all of those clients go to build her business

>>>10:25-How to know when it's time to leave your salon and how to prep for the move

>>>11:52-What to do as a studio suite owner to make the environment exceptional

>>>16:34-How Lisa created a steady stream of 5-15 new guests each month

>>>19:09-The innovative way that Lisa schedules her new color clients and why she does it

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