Episode #006: Thriving Stylist Spotlight:Kristen Degroff


Meet Kristen Degroff

Kristen is an amazing stylist and member of my Thrivers Society program from Cuyahoga Falls, OH.

Hi-lights you won't want to miss:

>>>2:25-How Kristen got her start in the industry

>>>3:20-Why Kristen isn't even considering booth rental and why she loves being a commission stylist

>>>8:04-Why she didn't bother to build a clientele for 3 years

>>>9:05-When she knew she had to give up everything, start over and leave her salon

>>>10:20-Overcoming the fear and starting from scratch and the ultimatum she gave herself

>>>12:48-How Kristen effectively uses social media today and how she got her start with the platforms

>>>17:33-Kristen's top tips for us as we work to build our clientele

>>>19:25-Why Kristen started posting pictures of herself on social media and how one photo shoot gave her a years worth of content

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