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Episode #011-Thriving Stylist Spotlight: Heather Judd

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Meet Heather Judd

Heather is an amazing booth rental salon owner, stylist and member of my Thrivers Society program from Pocatello, Idaho. 

Hi-lights you won't want to miss:

>>>8:00-Why non-competes and long term contracts could be working against you as a salon owner

>>>13:30-The best possible way to dissolve a salon partnership and what that looks like financially

>>>18:16-Building a team focused booth rental salon including contract terms & goals 

>>>19:47-Monthly team meetings in a booth rental salon

>>>22:25-Why Heather never has to run an ad to fill an open chair in her salon

>>>24:44-Why after 18 years Heather moved forward with a rebrand and what it's done for her business

>>>27:10-Where all of Heathers new clients are coming from

>>>30:15-Why Heather chooses to have a barber, massage therapist and a nail tech in the salon

>>>37:17-Heather is one of the most legally compliant salon owners I know and here's how she keeps things legal and above board

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Links Mentioned

Small Business Administration

Department of Labor

IRS Website Information on Employee vs 1099 Contractor definitions