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Episode #012: The Fool Proof Way To Nail Every Consultation

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I know you've taken consultation classes and heard communication tips before...but you've never heard it explained this way.

A great consultation will make or break your entire business as a hairstylist.  Seriously, if you do great hair but your consultation lacks, you can kiss your career potential goodbye.

If you aren’t growing as fast as you want to, look no further than this critical piece of the hair stylist equation.

In this weeks episode I break down consultation success secrets in a way you’ve never heard before.

Hi-lights you won't want to miss:

>>>2:02-The reason why a consultation is like a first date

>>>3:30-How we are all wired to learn in one specific way or another

>>>5:40-What the main purpose of a consultation should be

>>>7:49-The four different communications styles and key elements of every consultation to ensure you and your guest are on the same page

>>>14:50-Why it's just as important to know what your client doesn't like

>>>24:33-How to close the consultation!

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