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Episode #014: Leveling up when you've got a full book

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You’re working long days, your back hurts and you can’t even squeeze in a blowout in the next 6 weeks.  So, now what?

Are you feeling maxed out schedule wise?  You’re maxed out but you’re sick of turning guests away and still want to grow your income?

Great news, I’ve got 3 avenues you can take to get your business to the next level and by the end of this episode you’ll know exactly which path is calling your name.

Hi-lights you won't want to miss:

>>>3:53-The criteria you should meet before getting ready to level up

>>>5:58-How to raise your prices and when to consider doing this

>>>8:12-What are "add ons" and ways you can increase your revenue with them

>>>10:21-Is it really possible to double your income with 10 extra hours of work a month?

>>>14:53-Why you shouldn't become a salon owner just for the money

>>>17:33-How to become a successful educator

>>>19:40-What makes you unique and special when becoming an influencer