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Episode #015: What your partner really thinks about your career as a stylist or salon owner

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Do you ever feel like your partner or your family doesn’t get what it’s like to be a hair stylist or salon owner.   Well…..I’ve talked to your spouses and here’s what they said…..

Our career choice doesn’t conform to any norms so we are often totally misunderstood.   We don’t clock in at 9am and out at 5pm enjoying 3 day holiday weekends and Saturday mornings at the soccer field.  

Want to know what your partner thinks about your obsession with Instagram, your schedule and your financial potential?

I asked, they gave me all the good stuff including some amazing advice every stylist needs to hear that will completely bring you to tears…

Hi-lights you won't want to miss:

>>>5:48-What percentage of partners thinks that being a hairstylist provides the best possible chance of financial success

>>>6:28-Making time for travel and education? Do your partners support this?

>>>8:58-What to do when your partner is having a hard time with you working on Saturdays

>>>12:37-According to the survey, what do you think your partners feel like you’re doing on social media all the time?

>>>21:33-You partner’s opinions on how to make home life a little bit better for everyone

>>>25:23-According to the survey, what makes the best work/life balance?