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Episode #017: The 6 real success strategies behind social media super stardom

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Don’t you wish somebody could breakdown how to use social media, and then you could just freaking do it?

What I’ve noticed over and over is that most stylists and salon owners are hung up worried about all the wrong things.  They spend hours, days, weeks, years frustrated that they aren’t seeing social media referrals, and it all boils down to the fact that they are wasting their efforts due to poor execution.

This week I uncover the 6 strategies that today’s most successful social media users are applying to their business.

Hi-lights you won't want to miss:

>>>2:18-What are algorithms (and what they are for)

>>>4:12-Why you need to embrace social media as an entrepreneur!

>>>6:50-The difference between being popular and being profitable

>>>8:18-My tips for getting those good shots of your work to use on social media

>>>11:46-Why you always need to keep in mind who you are trying to attract

>>>13:51-Strategies for being authentic and bringing more of yourself to the table