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Episode #018: The hair stylists marketing funnel: AKA the path to more clients

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Need More Clients? Something In Your Marketing Funnel Is Broken So Let's Fix It!

Have you ever wondered why some stylists seem to build clientele effortlessly while some seem to struggle big time?  

The only difference between those who have mega success and those who struggle to get by is that those who are successful have a marketing funnel in place.  This week I break down the funnel for you in full so that you too can start to strategically grow your business and clientele.

Hi-lights you won't want to miss:

>>>3:43-How to systematize your ideas

>>>6:56-The real processes of how potential clients find you

>>>9:27-Why you need to first determine your target market

>>>11:07-Unfortunately, most stylists don’t take the time to do the marketing and branding work that needs to be done

>>>12:03-What is the desire level of the funnel 

>>>13:45-The interest level of a funnel

>>>16:25-The awareness level of a funnel