Episode #021: Charging your worth as a Hair Stylist

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If you don’t feel ultra confident charging each and every client full price every time, this episode is so for you

How do you feel when you go to check out your guests?  Do you feel ultra confident letting “and your total today is $390” roll off your tongue, or do your palms get sweaty as you slowly start to melt in to the floor hoping you can just disappear instead of charging full price?

What about price increases?  Are you rocking those boldly and often?

If not, we’ve got big issues and it will be incredibly difficult for you to survive long term in this industry so let’s overcome those hurdles today.

Hi-lights you won't want to miss:

>>>4:08-What are the “real” numbers? Let’s break down what not charging your worth really costs

>>>5:46-Why you need to take another good look at your baseline prices

>>>7:57-What is your money story?

>>>11:36-Confidence comes when you get educated. When you have confidence you have, no problem charging your worth

>>>15:50-Five mindset exercises that will help you see your worth