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Episode #023: Hair stylist compensation misconceptions and mishaps

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Are you familiar with the 5 major pay structures in our industry and aware of which structures are still legal and which no longer fly?

When I became a hair stylist I honestly thought that booth rental was the only option in the industry.  Flash forward and our industry has evolved majorly in the last decade when it comes to pay and employment structures. We are under some major scrutiny right now from both state and local governments so do yourself a favor and tune in before it’s too late.

Hi-lights you won't want to miss:

>>>2:59-What the real deal is on booth rentals?

>>>7:16-Why it’s so important to have a financial plan in place with a booth rental

>>>8:32-The reasons that hourly pay is becoming more popular

>>>10:00-The difference between traditional commission pay and booth rental 

>>>13:43-Why overhead is so high

>>>13:47-A recap of federal mandates and minimum wage rules in our industry

>>>17:53-What is a “1099 system”

>>>28:27-Commission versus piece rates

>>>34:53-Legal suggestions and more!