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Episode #024: My best advice for those who want to be successful salon owners or stylists

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If you and I were chatting over coffee and you said “Britt, what can I do to guarantee my business will be successful”, this is what I’d say….

If you do a Google search you’ll find all kinds of articles about “the top 10 secrets to success” with tons of vague ideas about marketing strategies and finance management. All of that stuff is great, but we can probably assume that every stylist and salon owner is working on marketing and money management.

So why is it that some stylists and salon owners find mega success and some struggle to get by?  I think I’ve narrowed it down to 8 distinct strategies and I’ll outline them all for you in this weeks episode.

Hi-lights you won't want to miss:

>>>4:20-Why finding your flaws is where you need to start

>>>7:46-The reason there is no “perfect business”

>>>9:16-How to challenge yourself to find people in business that can support you professionally

>>>12:09-Don’t be afraid to let it all go - if it means a better future is waiting for you

>>>12:28-Why not everybody is meant to be a mega-star or a leader

>>>18:52-Ways to constantly level-up your business

>>>21:17-You can look to yourself for answers but you can’t do everything yourself