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Episode #025: How to light the fire and find the drive to build your dream business

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There is a curse plaguing our industry.  There is a strong desire to be crazy successful but a lack of desire to put in the work to make it happen

As I sat to plan out this podcast episode, I reviewed dozens of questions from stylists and salon owners asking for advice on how to find the drive to put in the effort.

Nobody decides to become a hairstylist dreaming of a life of struggle, we all assume and dream of mega success.  The trouble is that nobody realizes how hard it can actually be to build and maintain a thriving clientele.

I can teach you some amazing marketing strategies, but until you have these key traits, you likely won’t find the success you’re dreaming of.

Hi-lights you won't want to miss:

>>>2:35-How to start playing a winning game and why it all begins with a shift in your mindset

>>>5:29-Social media and marketing is a lot of work, but there’s a way to play the game and see the fun in it

>>>7:40-Don’t chase empty goals, but do this instead...

>>>10:49-Ways to start breaking down your goals

>>>17:47-What is the “24-Hour Observation Rule” and how you can use it

>>>19:44-Don’t waste a miracle!