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Episode #026: Finding your business or life mentor

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If you don’t have somebody in your life you’d call a “mentor”, that needs to change immediately.

Confession: I’m a major introvert so connecting with others doesn’t come naturally to me, but if I can offer one piece of advice to help you to streamline your efforts it’s that you need to find a mentor.  My first business mentor entered my life unexpectedly when I was 19 and she’s shaped the direction of my life in ways I only dreamed possible.

I think the word “mentor” is often misconstrued and most people get a twisted idea of what that relationship can and should look like. Let’s dive in to mentors a bit deeper so that you can be on the fast track to growing your business.

Hi-lights you won't want to miss:

>>>4:26-Why I am an education addict!

>>>7:46-How I went down the “rabbit hole” and why looking back, it wasted my time

>>>9:15-The way I met my mentor

>>>13:56-The different types of mentors and mentorship that exists 

>>>17:56-How my Mastermind peers define a mentor

>>>20:30-Three things to look for when finding your people