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Episode #027: The Big Mistakes Today's Most Successful Stylists Are Making

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Whether you’re already a six-figure stylist or you’d be happy just to make $15K this year, every single stylist on the planet needs to hear this one

When we initially think of the struggling hair stylist we think of Top Ramen dinners and scrounging for gas money between the car seats.  Most of my coaching clients don’t actually fall in to that category. Most of them had major success and then lost it all because they were just riding the wave instead of building a business.

This week we look at the troubles today’s top stylists are facing so that you can prevent them from happening or correct them if they are already a part of your “business model”.

Hi-lights you won't want to miss:

>>>3:01-The biggest mistake you can make that will fas track you to burnout - in all areas of your life and career

>>>6:17-Why you should be raising your prices and thinning your clientele

>>>7:43-The reasons not stop or stall your marketing efforts

>>>13:45-Tips and strategies for online booking

>>>15:45-What the “Margin for Magic” means

>>>18:47-Why busy isn’t cool

>>>22:17-How to plan your exit strategy