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Episode #028: Thriving Stylist Spotlight: Rachael Holton

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Meet Rachael Holton

Rachael is a member of my Thrivers Society program from Franklin Tennessee.  She is an amazing studio suite stylist in a very unique mini salon, she has successfully scaled back her schedule to eliminate evenings and weekends and continues to increase her income while spending more time than ever with her family.

Hi-lights you won't want to miss:

>>>3:37-How Rachael was able to combine her schooling with her passion to make a thriving business for herself

>>>5:54-What drew her to start working with a stylist directly out of school

>>>6:55-How she started to market herself during her critical first year behind the chair

>>>9:41-What Rachael considers her “breakthrough moment”

>>>10:57-In an industry full of people that are scared at looking at the numbers, the key indicators Rachael focuses on most

>>>13:04-Why she operates her salon using a different type of structure

>>>15:07-What the logistics look like using a shared assistant amongst all the stylists in the salon

>>>16:40-How Rachael and her salon stylists make social media marketing work for them?

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