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Episode #034: The 4 Essential Business Relationships Every Entrepreneur Needs With Mel Abraham

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No matter how strong you are as an individual, we all need support and guidance if we are going to grow to the levels we dreamed possible

I asked my good friend Mel to come on the podcast to share the 4 essential relationships every entrepreneur needs and, while he did share that, he also gave us SO much more.

Mel is one of my go-to guys for business advice, financial advice, motivation and inspiration and this week he shares with us some of the keys to living your best life both personally and professionally.

Hi-lights you won't want to miss:

>>>2:44-How Mel got into entrepreneurship and the priceless advice his mentors have given him

>>>3:37-Why he decided to share with others what has worked so well for him

>>>8:36-The four keystone relationships that every entrepreneur should have

>>>19:27-Whether or not Mel has ever been let down by a coach

>>>27:03-What to consider if you want to become an influencer

>>>31:16-The three freedoms we need to build into our businesses and lives