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Episode #037: Hiring the Perfect Salon Team

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The secret to long term success in this industry is to surround yourself with the best of the best

The struggle is so real when you’re a salon owner trying to build a styling team or your an up and coming stylist hiring your first assistant.  Where do you start? How do you interview? How do you know you’re making the right hire?

This week we dive deep in to curating a happy and successful salon team.

Hi-lights you won't want to miss:

>>>1:43-What stylists today want – and it’s more than just money

>>>4:02-Why your staff and clients have to fit into the culture you are creating

>>>7:12-How to make your salon unbeatable and unstoppable

>>>10:03-Ways to finding and hire amazing team members

>>>11:53-The most effective places in our industry to post jobs and how to make your ad stand out above the rest

>>>13:39-Tips for making the interview as effective as possible

>>>17:20-What is meant by “The Nurture Format”