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Episode #038: How to have difficult conversations with your styling team or salon owner

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It’s not all rainbows and sunshine.  The faster we learn to have better conversations with our leaders and team, the faster we can grow

The only thing I hate worse than confrontation is gossip and if you can’t bring yourself to have constructive conversations you’ll end up with plenty of gossip.  Constructive conversations don’t have to be awkward or difficult and the more you practice good habits, the easier it will become.

Hi-lights you won't want to miss:

>>>2:07-What constructive conversations in the salon look like

>>>2:46-Why you need to be in control of review platforms in order to be in control of the conversation

>>>3:55-Some tips for stylists wanting to have a conversation with their owner

>>>6:49-The reasons you shouldn’t “come in hot”

>>>10:44-Why you’ll want to come to the table with a solution (and you can offer to be part of the resolution)

>>>14:31-Ways to keep your emotions in check

>>>15:53-Why you can’t be afraid of your stylists leaving

>>>17:47-How to set your standards (and enforce them)