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Episode #041: Going all in as a bridal stylist

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I truly believe becoming a bridal stylist can be one of the most lucrative decisions a stylist ever makes

The wedding industry has proven itself to be recession proof and there is never a shortage of brides in need.  So how do you tap into this incredible market and become the top bridal stylist in your area.

Hi-lights you won't want to miss:

>>>3:23-What questions should you be asking yourself before going into the bridal industry

>>>5:17-Does this mean going back to square one?

>>>5:50-Why you should be collaborating with other industry professionals to build up your business

>>>7:20-Share more than hair! Maximize your photo shoots to create a beautiful feed

>>>10:33-Learn where the brides are hanging out online, and how to reach them

>>>12:08-The reasons to be on those vendor lists

>>>14:28-How to offer “rock solid” contracts and packages

>>>20:28-Build a team, and then plan for an exit strategy…