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Episode #044-Own A Small Business That Doesn't Own You with Stacy Tuschl

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Did you dream that as a salon owner you’d one day be able to work less behind the chair?

This week I’m interviewing my good friend Stacy Tuschl about how she opened a successful dance studio and now runs the business completely remotely.  She still retains a profit for herself without teaching dance class after dance class and has the free time to pursue other ventures. If you’re an owner who dreams of less days behind the chair, more time as an educator or even just more time home with the kids, this ones for you.

Hi-lights you won't want to miss:

>>>(6:51) How Stacy got past not charging her worth

>>>(9:00) The reason she invested in an event and how that led her to like-minded people that became her mentors

>>>(12:04) What she put into place in her business to allow herself to understand all aspects of her business

>>> (13:52) How Stacy scaled her business to be almost “unrecognizable” to her

>>>(17:28) The way she navigated through the struggles of hiring and building a team

>>>(28:33) Her marketing strategy and the difference between running social media for her brick and mortar location versus her online business  

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