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Episode #046-Becoming A Booth Renter

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Thinking about making a change to the way you work as a stylist?

One of the best parts of being a stylist is that there are about a million things you can do in the industry.  If you feel like you’re ready to stop being an employee and start being a booth renter this is the path to success.

Hi-lights you won't want to miss:

>>> (3:25) My own experience working in a blended salon

>>> (4:23) Why if you’re not working with your tribe, you will not be successful

>>> (6:25) Attention commission salon owners - let your commission-based stylist market!

>>> (8:01) The way to have constructive conversations with your salon owner

>>> (9:28) Is the salon holding you back, or are YOU holding you back?

>>> (13:25) The top four things to look for when seeking out a booth rental salon

>>> (16:19) How to calculate your financials to determine if you can you afford to booth rent

>>> (26:06) The reasons that the interview process is just as much for you to gain information as it is for the salon owner

>>> (27:22) The most effective way to advise your clients of your big move

>>> (31:38) How to navigate “that conversation” with your boss