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Episode #051: An interview with Angelina Caceres

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Thriving Stylist Spotlight: Angelina Caceres

Angelina Caceres is the mega successful stylist and salon owner leading Deeda Salon in Sacramento California.  

Angelina built up a huge clientele in no time, became a salon owner just two years after getting her license and is about to open up her second, super innovative salon location.  On the surface level it looks likes she’s got it all, but Angelina keeps it real and shares with us the ups and downs of her journey through the industry.

Hi-lights you won't want to miss:

>>>(2:44)-The influence Angelina has been on my own career

>>>(5:43)-How she knew going to beauty school was the right path for her

>>>(10:00)-The way she was able to grow her own salon so fast – before social media

>>>(12:13)-Why always educating ourselves is so important

>>>(15:32)-The reason Angelina now loves talking about money so much

>>>(22:30)-Her struggles with balancing entrepreneurship and being a wife and mom

>>>(27:49)-The evolution of Deeda and the highs and lows of the first few years of business, including learning how to lead a team

>>>(38:23)-What having a business partner (who happens to be her brother) looks like

>>>(45:12)-How Angelina protects her energy in an emotionally draining industry

>>>(57:41)-What her manager’s role includes and why she says it’s such a necessary expense  

>>>(68:22)-The financial concerns she now has going into her new location and advice she has for others in business

>>>(72:30)-How Deeda has expanded its offering to support their clients’ wellness

>>>(84:49)-The ways that Angelina’s “Why” has changed since she started in business

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