The Biggest Marketing & Business Building Challenges Revealed

I have to start this post by thanking you all for helping me to create the content.  Over 800 of my Flourish Community members completed my 2015 Business Development Survey which has determined my 2016 business plan.  I'm so thankful that you graciously opened your hearts to share your struggles, questions and concerns.  You opened my eyes and shifted my focus and I am so excited to create more free content, webinars, videos and classes that will cater to exactly what you've been struggling with in the upcoming year.   

It took me nearly six-weeks to quantify all of the feedback and I realized that I just had to share all of the details with you.  I think it's important for you to see that the struggle is real and you aren't alone.  While some stylists are having more unique challenges, the vast majority shared the same issues over and over.  

First, let's take a look at the challenges and then I'll tell you what you can look forward to from Flourish in 2016!

As I said, the results of the survey have shaped my business strategy for 2016.  Your favorite aspects of Flourish are here to stay such as weekly blog posts and newsletters, regular Periscope broadcasts, free business building PDF guides and as many giveaways as I can handle.  There was an overwhelming demand for Youtube videos so I'm happy to announce that I will be launching several Youtube educational series in 2016.  You can also look forward to at least 3 more free master class opportunities and of course Thrivers Society will re-open in Spring of 2016.  

If you feel yourself struggling to make the income you want, need to build your confidence, want to expand but need a plan or are sick of putting time into social media and marketing for little or no results, you've come to the right place.  I look forward to helping you to create a strategic, organized and expertly marketed business in 2016.


Britt Seva