Finding your dream job and employer

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No two spas or salons are the same so it is important to do your research and find the place that is going to be right for you.  Do you want to rent a room or salon chair? Work on commission? Receive hourly or salaried pay?  These are just a few of the most important things to consider when you are trying to find a spa or salon.  The first step in narrowing down your choices is to figure out what is important to you.  Click here to receive my free Dream Job Checklist.

Once you have figured out what you're looking for, it's time to start researching your options.  I recommend spending your last 16 weeks in school focused on potential employer search and applications.  Select 3-5 top choices and make the time to drive to each location to check them out in person.  If you have the time, book an appointment and enjoy a service at your top spots so that you know exactly what the staff and service level is like.  Be sure to take notice of how the team interacts with one another, how you're greeted when you walk in and if the space is kept tidy and organized.  

At this point, you've spent a few weeks doing your research and are ready to take the plunge.  I recommend reaching out to potential employers 4 weeks before you graduate from your school.  The goal is to start working and building a clientele as soon as possible and you'd hate to miss out on an opportunity just because you waited to long to reach out. 

Take a nice deep breath because it is time to call and speak to the hiring manager.  This is often one of the scariest parts, but don't worry, it's going to be okay.  It is important to be confident from the start so take some time to practice what you'd like to say before you actually call.  When you call you just say:  "Good afternoon my name is Britt and I'm very interested in joining your team.  What are the first steps in your hiring process?".  If you've already filled out an application, even better!  You can supplement in: "I've already completed your application and would be happy to bring it to you directly or email a copy, but I'm also wondering what the first steps in your hiring process might be."  The potential employer might set up an interview with you right away or they may just explain the process.  Either way, be positive and appreciative and take notes on any important information the manager shares.

An alternative method is to first mail your presentation folder directly to the salon manager before calling.  This often works in your benefit because they are wowed by your professionalism and presentation before they even speak to you.  If you have plenty of presentation folders to spare, I recommend this method.  I have always preferred to receive an applicants information before speaking to them on the phone.  A standard folder will fit nicely into an 8.5"x11" envelope and should be addressed to the attention of the hiring manager.

I do recommend searching job sites like Craigslist or checking out a salon's social media outlets for current opportunities, however this isn't often the best way to find a job.  If you are just browsing and applying to any salon or spa hiring, you are likely to end up disappointed.  Always refer back to your Dream Job Worksheet as you apply to jobs listed on these sites.  It is always best to apply at places you truly see yourself fitting in and having a long term future.  Settling for an employer that doesn't meet your criteria just sets you up for disappointment.  

The last thing you want to do is to start building a clientele at one place only to decide you don't like your employer.  Clients don't like having to move from one location to another so it is better to find the right place from the start and build your business at your dream job from the start. xoxo

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