Salon Marketing Ideas

One of the biggest questions I get from both recent graduates and established salons is "how do I get more clients?".  I know it seems like an impossible task sometimes.  You've done everything right; your salon is clean and beautiful, your team is talented, you carry the best products and offer amazing amenities, yet clients aren't pouring in your door.  The problem is that you can have the best salon on the planet, but if you don't market yourself properly it is all for nothing.  It's kind of like the whole "if a tree falls in the forrest does anybody hear it" concept.  You are one tree in a forrest full of hair salons so you've got to find a way to make sure everybody wants to let everybody know that your tree exists and it's the best tree on the planet.  Enough about trees, let's get down to it. 

I could go on and on and on about different ways I've used to market my salon that have worked well, but today I'm going to focus on the quick and easy ones that you could put in place this week.  Stay tuned for more elaborate, but even more effective ideas in the future.  If you haven't already checked out my salon marketing cocktail, click here.

  1. Network with your neighbors- We actually go out once a year at least and hand out gift certificates to all of the shop owners and employees within about a 1/2 mile radius of the salon.  People are always so thankful that we're thinking about them and we always get a few new clients this way.  You have to remember that people are bombarded with hundreds of salons to choose from and it is important to be the salon that does things differently.  
  2. Host an open house or anniversary party- Invite all of your clients on a Thursday or Friday evening to join you for a glass of champagne and ask them to bring a friend. All you need is a beautiful cupcake display, gorgeous flowers, some champagne, a handful of raffle prizes and your shining personality to host a successful party.  The point here is to connect with your clients and their friends on a personal level.  Most clients come see you because they love you as a person so the more you can connect, the better.
  3. Go back to college for the day- Not really, but kind of.  Take a stack of gift certificates and hand them out at a community college for a day.  You'd be amazed at the rate of return you get.  Most younger people aren't attached to a hairstylist yet so they are easily enticed to come see you especially if you give them a gift certificate.
  4. Donate to local organizations- Schools and organizations are constantly looking for donations.  I donate to over 70 organizations each year and we have an incredibly high rate of return.  Offer to donate product gift certificates to fundraisers, or better yet, your time to the local school play or other hair related event.  You'd be amazed at the connections you make this way.
  5. Above all else, use social media-Social media is growing insanely fast and will only continue to become more crucial.  As a society, we are relying more on the power of the internet to find what we need.  Be sure you are updating your Facebook and Instagram several times a week, have a beautiful salon website and a strong email strategy.

These are just a few quick and basic ideas.  If you have more detailed questions, don't hesitate to reach out to me directly xoxo