Benefits of Base Breaking

I am so excited to talk color this week.  You’ll hear me say this over and over, but I was never very good at cutting hair.  I know that sounds terrible to admit, but I’m actually kind of proud of it.  I built a successful clientele and now an incredibly successful business and I was offering very mediocre haircuts.  More on that later, but I’m the proof that being a great hairstylist is not about your haircuts.  Anyway, I have always been head over heels in love with hair color and I’m thrilled to put on my gloves, pull out the peroxide and talk color!

I received several questions this week about base breaking so let’s do it! I love all things foiling.  Hilighting, balayage, ombre’s are all so much fun.  What I don’t love is when my Rapunzel client with the thickest hair in the world was on my books for a full-hilight.  Clients who like you to pack in the foils basically just want to be as light as possible without a bleach-out.  Nothing made me crazier or more exhausted at the end of the day than 60 minute hi lighting sessions over and over.  Base breaking is the solution and it will make both you and your clients so much happier.

Base breakers are formulated to lift the natural base 1-2 controlled levels, generally in a relatively short processing time.  This is just enough lift to provide an overall lighter and brighter look without turning somebody overly blonde and allows for a gorgeous and natural result.  I generally suggested base breakers to clients who love an overall blonde look and are naturally a level 6 or lighter.  I told my hi light lovers that I was offering a new service that would offer the same result but it would allow them to be out of the salon about an hour sooner and would be much better for the overall condition of their hair.  Instead of placing 30-60 foils, I was foiling in 10-12 along the part, 2 on either side of the head and 4 right at the nape and applying my base breaker between the foils so that everything came up together.  This saved me 45-60 minutes of foiling time and I could fit a haircut in that time to increase my income if I wanted.

When charging for base breakers I would keep it simple.  If a client is getting a hi light and base break, you charge for the amount of foils you’re doing plus your root-touch up price.  This is often just slightly less than your full weave price.  But, why loose money by transitioning all of those big ticket full weave clients into base breakers?  Here is where the magic happens.  You let your guest know that her maintenance has just gotten much easier.  She only needs to get hi-lights at every other appointment and can do base breakers in between.  I found that my full hi light clients who were stretching their appointments out to visits every 12-16 weeks were now coming in every 8-10 weeks and were so much happier with the price point and maintenance.  In the long run, they are paying about the same annually but they feel like they are getting this incredible discount.  The integrity of their hair will also improve and you won’t be stuck behind the chair doing back breaking foils all day.  Win, win! 

As a bonus, this was a huge referral conversation piece for me.  My clients were telling all of their friends about this “new service” I was offering and it really helped me to build.  I wasn’t really doing anything revolutionary, but I was talking about it differently and my clients were loving the result.  Want to know more?  Feel free to visit me on Facebook or email me directly. xoxo