The 5 marketing mistakes that can hurt your salon business

Hey loves!  I just finished my largest online class I've ever held before and I'm on a little bit of a marketing high! I loved all of the questions and comments and I'm so excited for the new members of the Thrivers Society.  I left the class thinking about marketing and specifically marketing mistakes that I often see stylists making either out of desperation or just confusion.  

Marketing for hairstylists and salons can be overwhelming.  It's hard to know where to start or what to do.  Let me tell you, I've literally tried it all.  Even weird things don't make sense for hairstylists to be trying, but I am open to trying all marketing options so I've learned a lot of lessons.  Over the years I've learned what promotions work and what don't.  In an effort to save you some of the headaches I've endured, avoid these 5 marketing traps:

  1. Discount websites- Sites like Groupon, Living Social, etc are generally traps! You'll get an influx of clients who just want to get their cheap hair services and get out.  There are clients who see a new stylist every 2 months never looking to make a connection, just looking for the next deal.  I have found a way to make Groupon work so if it's really something you are interested in using, check out the Thrivers Society where I share my Groupon secret strategy.
  2. Buy 4 haircuts get the 5th free-This is crazy! Basically just reduce the cost of your haircuts by 20% and you'll accomplish the same thing.  I'm all for loyalty programs, but you should never discount a client's regular service to gain loyalty.  Instead, incentivize them with a specialty service or new retail product.  You'll save more money in the long run and get the benefit of introducing your clients to new products and services.
  3. Using Facebook to sell-The Facebook game has changed in the last couple of years.  Your Facebook reach has been significantly reduced and the more often you try and use Facebook to sell or promote, the less often your fans will see your posts.  Instead, use Facebook to share behind the scenes photos, introduce new products or services and celebrate special occasions.  Invest some money in boosting a post or using Facebook ads if you want to sell using Facebook.
  4. Not constantly running a service and retail special-Clients actually like coming in and seeing special offerings every single time they come in.  I ran a survey recently and the overwhelming feedback I received was that clients love special features and sales.  Take the time to plan out a marketing calendar for the year and offer something special all year round.  If you need a little help with your marketing calendar click here.
  5. No referral program-There is no faster, easier, more cost effective marketing strategy than a good referral program.  Your clients are like walking billboards for your business and you figure that each of your clients has, at the very least, 2 friends and some family members they could send in to see you.  Incentivize clients to send in friends and family and you'll be reaping the rewards of quick, easy marketing!

Stay tuned for more marketing tips.  It's my most favorite topic so if you have a specific question, send it on over and I'll do my best to help you!  Happy marketing! xoxo