The top 4 Social Media Must Haves for Hair Stylists

Hey loves!  I am so excited to spend this week talking about one of my favorite topics: social media.  Social media and internet marketing is one of my specialties and what sets me apart as a salon business coach, so I am really excited to share some awesome tips today.  If you want to grow your business as a hairstylist, it is time to embrace social media.

Before 2005 most hairstylists had to rely on word of mouth, sandwich board signs, postcard mailers and yellow page ads to build a clientele.  And, guess what, all of those things totally worked up until social media came into play.  Now as a society we have access to the world at the tip of our fingertips.  We can use the internet to find information, directions, reviews, photos and even videos about places, people and services we are interested in.  

If you've seen any of my clientele building webinars before or if you are a Thrivers Society member, you know that I am a fan of using grass roots and some print marketing to build your clientele.  This is how I built a full clientele for myself in 2009 in only a year and it works, however I know I could have built bigger, stronger and faster had I used social media.  If you are ready to grow your income by 5%-10% or more, invest your time and efforts into these amazing resources.

Instagram-This is your online portfolio and an incredible resource that consumers use to find new businesses and services.  I coach stylists who get up to 15 new clients each month just from their Instagram.  AMAZING!  The key to making Instagram successful is consistency.  Be consistent in the frequency of your posts, the style, the descriptions and the hashtags.  Be sure to hashtag every photo with your name as well as your location and the services you are featuring. For example, if I worked in San Francisco I would tag #sanfranciscohairstylist in all my photos.  When somebody moves to a new area, they start searching hashtags to find new restaurants, nail salons, spas and hair salons and you want to come up on their search.  Sounds crazy?  Believe it because I've seen it work over, and over and over again.  Make sure to post professional pictures showcasing your best work and include some of your personality into you page.  Be sure to ask your clients to include your Instagram handle in their comments when they post pictures for instant and easy referrals!

Twitter-Twitter has come a long way over the years.  It started as being a place for quick thoughts and celebrity updates, but with the addition of photos, it has become a great place to connect with new clients. Hashtags are the key here as well.  You can use Twitter to post hair styling or haircare tips, photos of your work and product launch updates.  If you build a strong following, this is also a great place to broadcast last minute openings or schedule changes.  Hashtags are key here as well so be sure to use them appropriately and liberally.

Periscope-I am most excited about Periscope right now.  What an incredible way to truly connect with your clients on a regular basis.  Periscope is an app developed by Twitter which allows you to broadcast a live video feed which can stay up in a recorded form for up to 24 hours after the stream is finished.  I suggest choosing a day and time to periscope every week and sharing styling tips, showcasing the newest products and talking about your favorite color trends.  Your clients will be able to interact and ask questions during your live stream giving you an amazing platform to have a weekly visit with your clientele.  Did you know that over 70% of clients leave their stylist because they stop feeling an emotional connection to their stylist?  This is an amazing way to have a 15 minute touch-base with your entire clientele with minimal effort.

Facebook-This is my absolute favorite social media platform.  Some say that Facebook is dying out, but I think it's just getting started.  The introduction of Facebook Ads were a true game changer.  Facebook ads for hairstylists allow you to target potential clients within your market for an incredibly low cost.  The integration of videos and video ads allow you to showcase a piece of your personality and talent which truly brings your business to life.  I find Facebook to be like the hairstylists hangout and and a place where clients know they can always reach out day or night for a quick question or comment.  I highly suggest you create a business page, not a profile.  Facebook pages have no limit on the number of fans and allow you to utilize ad and offer tools that profiles can't access.  Clients really do enjoy feeling like they are a part of our lives so don't be afraid to include some personal touches on your page.  On average, a post of a personal or behind the scenes picture will receive 400% more likes than a post of a before and after or retail product.  Something to think about.  

Social media is crucial to building a business as a hairstylist today.  Hair salon marketing has changed tremendously over the years and you need to build your social media network now before you fall behind.  Take a look at these social media sites and others and commit to taking action to step up your social media game in the next 48 hours XOXO

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Britt Seva