The perfect way to close a first client visit

You did it! You finished your client, her hair looks amazing and she feels gorgeous.  Now is that time where you start to get nervous because you have to wrap up the visit as quickly and seamlessly as possible and there are so many things to try and remember.  What should you even say to make sure she comes back again and what if you say the price and she freaks out!?! So many things to worry about.  Have no fear because by following my script and plan the close will be quick, painless and effective.

One of the secrets to success in the perfect close is your preparation.  At some point before you go out to do her haircut and blow-dry I want you to have already planned for all of these things:

  1. The Final Price- If you work at a salon with a reception team, they may do this for you and thats great.  I feel like if you start calculating costs in front of your client it can become a haggling trap where they start to put you on the spot and it becomes uncomfortable.  Know the final price before you go out for the cut and dry.  
  2. The Retail Offerings-I also want you to have decided what retail products you want to offer her as well.  The worst thing you can do at the end of a visit is walk up to the wall and say "hmmm let's think about what would be good for your hair".  There is nothing more impressive retail wise than deliberately pulling two products out to style her hair and then having them waiting for her to purchase at the close of the visit.
  3. The Length of Time Between Appointments-Decide if her haircut needs to be trimmed every 6 weeks or 8.  When does she need those hi-lights touched up?  Decide these things in advance so that when you are pre-booking you can be 100% confident about what is best for your client.  

Okay, you've pre-planned for service cost, retail and pre-booking.  The rest is easy!  Here is exactly what I want you to say:

"Alright Emily you are all set!  These are the two products I used on you today.  I highly recommend both to maintain your style and condition.  Did you have any questions about either?" At this point you've opened up the conversation for the client to either ask questions about the product, choose one or both products or say no thank you. 

"Okay great and I want to see you back in 8 weeks for your cut and color which brings us to the week of September 16.  Do you want to do a Tuesday evening appointment again or does something else work better with your schedule that week?" Nearly 70 percent of your clients will pre-book before they leave if you phrase it this way.

"We have you all set for September 16 at 4:00pm.  Your service total today was $115 and with the product your overall total is $141."

That should do it!  The entire conversation should take about 2 minutes and it should be ultra streamlined.  I want you to remember retail, prebook, money as the pattern you follow.  Practice this over and over and over until it is second nature.  The more confident you are, the more comfortable your client will be purchasing retail, pre-booking and paying full price.

Britt Seva