The Best Formula for Grey & Silver

Hey Loves! one of the biggest and most unexpected hair trends of 2015 is granny hair.  If you had told me two years ago that everybody would be looking to go grey instead of covering up their greys I wouldn't have believed you.  I've helped ladies transition into growing in grey with grace and I've done countless grey root touchups, but getting used to this trend took me a minute!

I spent two weeks testing 28 different formulas using Wella, Paul Mitchell, Beth Minardi, Matrix, Redken, Joico, Pravana and Kenra to come up with the best 8 formulas available.  When I was drying each swatch my goal was to find different greys across the grey spectrum.  I wanted lavender grey, blue grey, icy white grey, deep blue grey, etc.  Some of the formulas I tested turned out just as I thought they would and some caught me by complete surprise.

I found Redken, Wella, Paul Mitchell, Joico, Pravana and Kenra to offer the best results.  There were some combinations of colors within those lines that I was disappointed by, but overall I was very happy with the results.  I found the Beth Minardi colors to be incredibly warm and the Matrix shades were spotty and inconsistent.  They are both fantastic color lines, I just don't think they are the best options for going grey.

Overall I found the Kenra options to be the very best.  They are designed to work as permanent color options, however I used them with 10 volume developer offering deposit only.  The result was that of a true grey with no brown or warm tones.  The swatches were steely and the most natural result by far.  I did attempt to use the Kenra shades with both 20 and 30 volume to see if they offered lift and deposit.  Unfortunately, the result was incredibly warm so I would recommend only using these tones with 10 volume to tone.  

For all of the details about my results and the color theory behind going grey and to download my free going-grey-guide below.  Click here to view my video where I dive in deeper to the color theory behind grey and offer some great ideas for maintaining gorgeous grey. xoxox

Britt Seva