The easy way to make more money as a hairstylist

Have you ever heard the saying "work smarter, not harder"?  I say this to my team all the time.  For sure weekly if not daily.  The most successful stylists are not those who cram in 12 clients a day by working 12 hours a day 6 days a week.  Those stylists might be making decent money, but they are also tired and are on the fast track to burn out.  The most successful stylists are those who make the most of the time they have by maximizing each clients potential.

If you see 3 clients per day and you find a way to get just an extra $10 profit from each client, you'll have an extra $7,200 at the end of the year.  Not bad, right?  Actually, its better than not bad, it's really awesome because you can get that extra $7,200 without doing much.  Sounds too good to be true, but this is actually how the most successful stylists I know skyrocketed to a six-figure income.

The key to working smarter, not harder is to find the maximum potential of each situation in the salon.  I suggest that you sit down at the start of your day and take a look at your books.  Make a plan for what you can offer each client that they aren't already getting.  It can be a conditioning treatment, retail suggestion, hi-light add on, anything.  Don't have time to add on a service today?  No problem!   I want you to plant the seed and just talk about trying the service next time.  Remember, the goal is an extra $10 per client per day so even if she doesn't get the new Keratin service you just started offering this time but she tries it next time you will still come out ahead.  The key to executing this plan is to have something in mind to talk to each client about before your day starts.

Need some ideas of things to offer your clients as extras?  Try some of these:

Olaplex conditioning service-$15 and up (We charge $50 in my salon which includes the take-home step #3).  Click the link to learn more about Olaplex

Hairline Hi-light-$10-$20 If you have a client coming in for a base break only between hi light services, offer to put in just two foils right at her front hairline and a couple on the sides in front of her ears.  This will help to soften the warmth of the base break and the client will appreciate the extra foils.  This shouldn't take more than 10 minutes and shouldn't include more than 6 foils.

Brow Waxing- $15-$45 All cosmetologists are licensed to wax as well.  Practice on friends and family and refine your skills! While your clients color is processing you can wax their brows and save them a trip to the spa.

Color Refresh-$20 and up In my salon we include a demo-permanent glaze with all of our root touchups.  It allows for color to be vibrant and perfectly toned without the damaging affects of soap capping.  If you don't include a demi-permanent glaze, consider offering it as an add-on service.  It can be applied with a bottle right after you've got the root color on and it'll be processed by the time your root is ready.

All of these services shouldn't add more than 15 minutes at most to their existing appointment but the financial benefits could be huge!  Tomorrow when you go into the salon, look at your books and find the opportunities to work smarter, not harder.


Britt Seva