Color Correction Made Easy

If you are a subscriber, you've probably already downloaded your free copy of the Malibu Guide.  If you haven't, you can download your copy by at the end of this post.  The feedback I've received in the past 4 days has been amazing and I'm so happy you're loving the results!  As you know, I'm hair color obsessed and nothing makes me happier than tools that make my job easier and clients happier.  As you can imagine, my heart was so very happy when I discovered the amazing results of the Malibu C products.  

When I was doing my research I heard lots of questions about pricing, timing and combining products so I thought this week I'd dive in and elaborate a little on actually putting these products to use behind the chair.  

Common Question #1: How should I charge for these services?

I always suggest that you charge for every service based on the value of your time.  Your haircut price is a good place to start to determine your hourly active rate.  I consider single process hair color services to be a passive rate as you can double book during this time.  For example, if a haircut and blow-dry takes you an hour and you charge $100, you need to be charging $25 for every 15 minutes of your time to make these treatments worth it.  

Quick Fix and Color Prep only take an extra 5-10 minutes to shampoo & apply and you should be able to rough dry most clients in 5-10 minutes.  I would charge whatever your 15 minute rate is for these two amazing services.  CPR would add on an extra 30 minutes or so when you factor in process time, and is generally used as part of a color correction service so charging your 30 minute rate of this service is actually a steal since we all know color corrections are never cheap.  DDL and Crystal gel are a bit tricky since there is so much processing time.  If you are comfortable, I would book these as passive services meaning you can be double booked with a haircut over the processing time and then I'd charge your 15 minute rate for either since your active time is truly minimal.  

I know some people say "my clients could never afford that", but you'll be surprised at what people are willing to pay for their hair to look right and be healthy.  I consider myself to be very budget conscious but I'll spend whatever I need to spend on makeup and skin care products because its something I value.  Clients are the same way about their hair.  It's all about your consultation and approach.

Common Question #2: Do you ever use more than one treatment on somebody?

Totally!  I really think that every client can use a little Crystal Gel in their lives.  It is such a nice clarifying service and it truly preps the hair to be colored as evenly and predictably as possible.  A nice combination is the Crystal Gel first followed by CPR for a color correction.  You'll be amazed at how much color you'll lift and the hair will still feel incredible.  Crystal Gel followed by Color Prep is a really nice go-to as well.  

Common Question #3: Will DDL remove all of the direct dye from the hair?

In my experience, no.  I have yet to find any product, bleach included, that will remove 100% of any color and I don't think that it's even possible.  Haircolor by nature causes a permanent change to the hair.  Even the most gentle demi-permanent colors will leave behind some residual staining.  I personally like DDL because I find the consistency is easy to work with, the process is simple and it provides a much more even result than other products I've worked with in the past. 

Common Question #4: Would you ever do any of these services for free?

Yes!! I am completely against hairstylists doing much of anything at all for free, but this is the exception to the rule.  I strongly suggest keeping a little Quick Fix on hand for the occasional whoopsie when formulating.  For example, a stylist in my salon just had a new client in the other day and she formulated her demi-permanent glaze a bit too dark.  This situation calls for a 5 minute application of Quick Fix at the bowl, a very lightly formulated toner once the Quick Fix has done it's magic and the client never has to know anything ever went wrong.  The Quick Fix will remove enough of the pigment so that a toner can quickly just refine the final shade and the client will be happy as a clam!

Have you learned any other tips or tricks using Malibu?  Let me know!  Happy color correcting loves! 


Britt Seva