Email Marketing 101 for Hairstylists


I do more coaching on internet marketing for hairstylists than anything else.  Awesome for me because it's my favorite topic!  Whenever I start working with a new salon or stylist for mentorship I always ask that they complete a business analysis and over 90% don't have a email marketing strategy.  Email might not seem like a big deal, but let's think about it.  What is the first thing you do when you wake up?  Maybe grab a cup of coffee or maybe you lounge in bed for 45 minutes, but most everybody grabs their phone and checks their emails and social media.  It's a normal behavior and hairstylists should be taking advantage of this daily opportunity to connect.

Email marketing doesn't have to be hard.  In  Thrivers Society we spend quite a bit of time setting up an automated email marketing system which is crucial to effortless marketing.  Once you have your system in place I highly suggest these 3 campaigns:

  1. The Monthly Newsletter-Update your guests on your monthly specials, new retail launches available and any service updates.  Don't be afraid to add some fun personal notes about what you are up to.  Our clients like a personal connection to us.
  2. The Birthday Blast-Create a system for tracking your clients birth month.  If you have a computerized booking system there is most likely an option for that.  If you don't use a computerized system that is totally fine, you can use a calendar or notebook to track the information.  Most automated email marketing systems allow you to save birth dates for your email contacts.  Set the system to auto-generate a birthday email on the first of each month with a gift certificate for a free conditioning treatment or free travel size product if your client comes in during the month of their birthday.
  3. The Referral Thank You-Once or twice a year email the top 10% of your clients a gift certificate for a bit of savings off their next service visit.  Maybe $10 off their next haircut to thank them for being such a great client.  You should also attach a $25 gift certificate that the client can forward to as many friends as they'd like.  Remind your client that for every referral they send to you, you'll bonus them with whatever referral bonus you offer.  This is a great way to make your clients feel appreciated and generate some new referrals.

Email marketing should be an important part of your business.  Take some time this week and create a system to collect your clients email addresses and do a little research on email marketing systems to find the one that is right for you.  Even if you aren't ready to start putting together your marketing strategy, just start collecting the emails and then as soon as you are ready to launch, you'll have a great collection of email addresses to get you started.

XOXO Britt

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Britt Seva