The hairstylists guide to holiday specials

It's September, so you know what that means; Football, crockpots, red and gold leaves.  So that's what it means for the rest of the world, but for those of us in retail, it means the holidays have arrived.  The beauty industry is a hybrid service and retail industry combo, but in essence we are all about making the sale at the end of the day.  There is a reason why when you walk into Target right now there are turkeys and pumpkins everywhere.  Go into Macy's in 2 weeks and it will look like a white Christmas.  Retailers everywhere are already in the holiday spirit and you should be too!

I've already received all of my holiday kits from my distributors (boy, are they gorgeous this year!) and they are ready and waiting in my back room.  If you haven't already placed your order or picked up your kits, now is so the time.  I've seen beautiful pieces in both Salon Centric and Cosmoprof already out here on the West Coast so get them while they are hot!  October 1 is officially the start of the holiday season and here is my to-do list:

  1. Deck the halls-From October 1-December 25 my salon is always extra festive.  I have pumpkins and decorative corn out through October 31 and on November 1 we become a winter wonderland.  I'm talking table top trees, ornaments, the works!  This is not just to be cute, it's actually a sales technique.  Seeing Fall and Winter holiday decor is a subconscious sign to our guests that the holidays have arrived and it's time to start thinking about their holiday gift list.
  2. Stock up on holiday kits-My holiday kits will hit the shelves on October 1 and we'll most likely be sold out by the first week in December.  Do you know that 70% of holiday shopping happens prior to December 1?  We all do a little last minute shopping, but the vast majority of gifts are purchased before December even arrives.  If you put your kits out even on November 1, you've already missed the boat.  If you haven't tried selling holiday kits before, I'll just say "you're welcome" in advance.  These babies literally sell themselves. Don't hesitate purchasing a few, just do it. 
  3. Talk about holiday specials-Be sure every client who walks in the door knows about your retail specials.  Generally manufacturers create incredible gifts at a great price that sell with ease.  Let your clients know the amazing value available and watch them fly out the door.
  4. Send out a pre-booking reminder-This is a big one! send an email to all of your clients on October 1 letting them know that your holiday appointments are booking up quickly and you highly recommend they book now to ensure their hair is holiday ready.  Standby your phone after you send.  The appointments will start pouring in!
  5. On December 15, the sale starts-If by chance you do have any kits left, mark them down by 10% and liquidate your remaining inventory.  The only risk with holiday kits is they are stale as soon as Christmas is over.  Do your very best to move your inventory before the holidays are over.

In addition to sales and promotions, I always send out Christmas cards to the top 30% of clients.  Don't have mailing addresses?  That's okay give your cards to your clients in person.  The holidays are a time for giving and connecting.  I love to use this time to let my guests know how much they are appreciated and a sweet, personalized holiday card does the trick! XOXO

Britt Seva