Crafting The Perfect Monthly Salon Newsletter

Email marketing is crucial for hairstylists today and it is the first thing to land on the back burner in most salons.  Just the thought of trying to tackle email marketing can be completely overwhelming and I completely understand.

Email marketing can't go on the back burner anymore.  We learned the hard way that social media platforms can change the rules on us at anytime.  Facebook and Instagram have both introduced algorithms that don't guarantee that our message will be seen in the newsfeed at all.  What if in the future they charge for membership and that is the only platform you have to market from.

I have great news for marketing is really freaking easy, you just need a plan.

When I talk about email marketing I generally recommend starting with 3 easy campaigns; birthday emails, annual referral campaigns and a solid monthly newsletter.  We can talk about the first two campaigns another time, but today lets focus on the most important piece of all and tackle the newsletter.

First, let's get a couple of the common email marketing objections out of the way:

  1. Why is email marketing such a big deal?-It is the only way to control when your clients receive your marketing messages.  Both Facebook and Instagram now use an algorithm to determine what makes it into the newsfeed so over the next few months you'll notice your posts getting fewer and fewer likes and comments if you aren't using Instagram correctly.  With email marketing, 80% of your messages are likely to land in the inbox and that contact is priceless.
  2. But only 20%-40% of my email marketing messages even get opened so what is the point-Wow!! If 20%-40% of your messages are being opened you are totally and completely winning.  I want you to think about how you scan your inbox.  I bet you open somewhere between 10%-30% of messages that are sent to you from businesses and your clients do the same.  If less than 19% of your email marketing is being opened, then we have some work to do, but anything above 20% is great.  It is estimated that the average person sees less than 30% of what is posted in their social media feed so with email marketing the odds of your message being received are likely better than they ever have been using Instagram or Facebook.  Plus, 20% of clients opening your email is way better than 0% if you aren't sending newsletters at all.
  3. I just dont have the time to add anything else to my plate-And that is the biggest BS objection at all because once you have email marketing in place it should take you less than 1 hour per month to manage it.  You just need to have a system and the marketing will essentially run itself.

Okay, so now that I've convinced you that email marking is crucial for hairstylists and salons, let's work on crafting the perfect monthly newsletter.

I want you to remember the "4 P's" of salon newsletters: Personal, Professional, Promotional and Praise.

  • Personal- We are in an emotional industry and our clients want to be a part of our world.  Give them a sneak peek! Talk briefly about your recent family vacation, how your son made the all-star baseball team, the new restaurant in town you just tried, the movie you just saw that all your clients have got to see because it's so amazing.
  • Professional-In the professional portion of your newsletter let's talk about what is going on with you or the team.  What classes are you taking? are you hosting any salon events this month? Did you just get a new retail line in? *HINT* If you have no professional news at all each month, that is a major red flag.  Your business needs to constantly be growing and evolving.  No client wants to be in a salon or see a stylist who is stagnant.  That can get you by for a while but overtime your clientele will dwindle.  I coach stylists who are victims of this every week.
  • Promotional-This is what most salon owners and stylists are actually doing already because when I say "salon newsletter" they think promotions.  This section is where you'll talk about the retail sale that is happening or your referral program.  Re-educate your clients about your rewards program or the mothers day gift cards they can purchase directly through your website.
  • Praise-I always like to close a newsletter by thanking guests for their continued love and support.  I encourage them to head over to Yelp or Facebook to write a review and let them know that in appreciation I'll gladly give them a complimentary in-salon conditioning treatment at their next visit.  Praise for their client for their loyalty and encourage them to praise you as well.  Some salon owners I've suggested this to think it's too forward, but anybody who has used Demandforce knows this is a HUGE part of their program and it produces major results and floods your accounts with raving reviews.  Sometimes all you have to do is ask. 

The best part about newsletters is you can sit down and probably write three months worth right now.  Get them all set up in your system and use automation to mail them out on the first of each month.  This doesn't have to be a big deal!  Have fun with it and enjoy watching your business grow as your retention improves and your promotions become more effective. 


Britt Seva