My Youtube Channel Is Officially Here!

You may or may not be shocked to hear that I established my Youtube channel over a year ago.  Notice I said established, not launched.  There are a handful of videos up, I have over 12,000 views, 400+ subscribers but not a whole lot else to show for it.

Today is the day that all changes.

I established my brand with the commitment to help more hair stylists to one day successfully retire.  Doing good hair is only half the battle and an overwhelming majority of hair stylists hit a point in their career where they realize they didn't truly build a successful business that allows them to enjoy retirement.

I wanted to provide business education in a way that nobody else is providing it and this is the next step in that journey.  I don't believe it should take years to build a clientele.  I believe that one solid year of hustle can build a base clientele and a solid system can grow a stylists business to true success.

I am also not foolish enough to think all hair stylists are in this industry to make great money.  Wealth comes in all sizes, shapes and forms and my education will always cater to a well rounded idea of wealth.  If your goal is to work less and be home with your family more while still making a good living, we can do that.  If you want to make multiple six figures behind the chair, there is a plan for that too.

Your future as a stylist can be what you make of it.  It's just time that somebody stepped up and started teaching actionable strategies that stylists can apply to their business today.  Not just what to do, but how to do it no matter what your goals are.

Right now today if you head over to my channel you'll find a library of interviews I've hosted with stylists like Ruby Devine, Shannon Keel and Michelle Hair. 

I've already recorded an arsenal of amazing videos just for you covering topics such as:

  • Increasing your retail sales
  • Building your clientele
  • Increasing income with the clients you already have
  • Using social media to build clientele
  • Local marketing techniques that actually work
  • Rebuilding clientele after a leave
  • Improving the guests experience
  • Building your brand
  • Why you can't rely on just social media to build a long lasting business
  • The printed marketing pieces you should have on hand
  • The power of email marketing
  • Rewards program that work 
  • The fastest ways to boost referrals
  • Networking within your community to increase organic business growth to your chair
  • What numbers to track to determine the health of your business and how to calculate those numbers

And so much more.  If you have any topics you want me to cover, you can email me at and I'll add them to my agenda!

If you want to know more about me, my brand, my goals and my vision for the future, check out my channel and the video below.

Thank you for your love, support and patience as I work towards building the next level.  My promise to you is that my channel will become better, more effective and more actionable so that you can get real success in your business.


Britt Seva