Trying to find a job as a hairstylist or finding talent as a salon owner just got way easier...


For years salon owners have asked me "how the heck do we find great talent to work behind our chairs"?  

The ironic thing is I've received dozens of messages from stylists saying "where are all of the amazing salon owners at.  I'm so talented and just can't find the right place for me"

Finding great talent or a great salon to work at has always been a struggle for our industry.  Stylists always ask if Linked In would be a good place to get listed and find salons.  I always said that I didn't think it was the right platform for our industry and discouraged the effort.  Anybody who has posted on Craigslist or searched on Craigslist for salon jobs knows it's just the worst.  Frustrating, time consuming and overall a losing effort.  Social media stalking can actually work really well, but it's yet another frustrating process that leads to more dead ends than warm leads.  

Word of mouth has truly been the best option for years, until now.

On Wednesday February 15 Facebook announced it's new Jobs feature which completely has the power to change the way salon owners find stylists and stylists find amazing salons. Now verified business pages can build job postings directly from their Facebook page completely for free and the job ads look amazing!  Applicants can submit a resume right through the app which will hit your Facebook messenger and alert you that somebody is interested in your posting

Here's a peek at how it works....

You'll create a job post from your page:

You'll build out your post and include as many or as few details as you'd like:

Applicants can see your post and apply right through the app!  The tool will pull information from an applicants profile to speed up the process, but anything can be edited or adjusted as needed.

Now, I know what you're thinking..."This is great and all, but my Facebook posts hardly reach anybody as it is.  How will this be any different"?

Well, as per usual, Facebook once again has you covered and there is a "local jobs" feature now available through the app which will allow local job searchers to see your post even if they've never heard of your salon before..

You'll also be able to share these posts within groups, to personal pages and through messenger as well.  Pretty awesome, right?!?

Since this new feature only launched a few days ago, it'll take some time to get up and running, but this feature is predicted to give LInked In and other job search sites a run for their money.

Now, here's the catch (there's always a freaking catch, right?!?)....the most awesome job post in the world won't do anything to find you an amazing stylist if your Facebook page sucks.  That is a harsh reality but it's the truth.

We'll talk next week on the blog about what today's stylist is looking for in a salon (it'll blow your mind), but the truth is that the burden is on the salon owner to level up and provide something exceptional if they want to attract an exceptional team.

Just having a page, posting often and playing with Facebook video isn't going to cut it.  There is an entire strategy behind using Facebook successfully and if your page isn't up to par, you won't attract a good team no matter what kind of ad you put together.  

I put together a Facebook Page Jump-Start check list to help you get started on rebuilding your page.  It doesn't cover nearly all of the important details, but it will get the process started and you can get your copy by clicking here.

I've got really great news for you.  I've been working on a Facebook Mastery program specifically for hair stylists for months and it'll be launching in a few short weeks!! I currently have a team of 27 stylists from across the globe testing the program and I'll be sharing their success stories with you all soon.

If you are ready to step up your Facebook game or are interested in learning more about Facebook Mastery click the link below to download your FREE FACEBOOK PAGE JUMP-START CHECKLIST and get on the waitlist.  I'll be sure you're the first to know when the doors open!

Britt Seva