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This is it loves.  We have just over 100 days left in 2017 and we’ve got to make this year count.  The days are long, but the years are short and if you want to make big things happen in your career as a stylist we’ve got to capitalize on these last few months of the year.

A funny thing happens this time of year go back to school, the holidays land in our lap, life gets crazy and it almost all becomes a mindless blur where survival mode kicks in and we are just trying to make it through the days all in one piece.

Let’s not do that this year.

This is the final push to grow your business as much as possible and the great thing is that the holiday season is fully on your side.

We only ever have 2 ways we can grow our business as hair stylists; see more clients or charge more money.  That’s it.  There is no third option when you’re working behind that chair, so let’s look at the 6 ways we can make both of those things happen.  


Raise Your Prices

If your business is growing properly with regular referrals and good retention, you should be having price increases every 6-18 months.  Take a good hard look at your business and evaluate if it’s time for a price increase.  Fall is my favorite time of year to implement a price increase.  Clients are least likely to stray with the holidays quickly approaching and we all get a little more comfortable spending extra cash this time of year, so generally price increases go over with few bumps or hiccups.

Wondering if it’s time for an increase?  We do cover pricing and price increases in detail in Thrivers Society which will be opening again in the next few months.

Optimize Each Guests Appointment

It’s really easy to get stuck in the rut of show up, do the hair, go home.  What if instead you created opportunities to do more with each guest?  There is always money left on the table and I want to start making the most of each guest you see.  

Offer a conditioning treatment to each guest you see.  Already do that?  Create a special, limited time only Fall or holiday treatment available that is completely irresistible.  Maybe that treatment includes a hand massage while it’s processing.  Get creative here!

Start featuring a product of the month.  You don’t even have to discount that product.  It just has to be a product that sits on a station with a little sign that says “product of the month”.  You talk about that product like it’s the best thing since sliced bread and it will fly off the shelves, no discount needed.

With all of the holiday festivities coming up this is a great time to offer blowdry styling lessons.  For an extra charge of $15-$30, offer to book an extra 15-30 minutes on to a clients usual blow dry time to teach them the secrets of a killer blowout or soft curls.  Don’t have time to throw that in as an add-on?  Be sure you offer it as a pre-booked service for next time.

Re-Book Early and Often

Starting today, you should be re-booking all clients through early 2018.  Every client who leaves your chair should be booking one, if not two more appointments pre-holidays and their first January appointment as well.  Create a sense of urgency and pre-load those books.  

If you can get all of your clients to decrease the time between appointments by even a week, that would create an additional annual visit for each guest which would lead to thousands of dollars in your pocket.  

Retain Your Guests

Reality check, you lose at least 10% of your  clients each year.  I know, I know, you’re the best stylist ever and you think you’re the exception to this rule.  You aren’t.  I’ve yet to coach a single stylist who doesn’t lose at minimum 10% each year due to clients moving, deciding to see somebody cheaper, deciding to see somebody more expensive, or any other reason.

To retain you need to make your guests feel extra special.  Holiday cards these days are a must.  That isn’t a bonus, that is basic hairstylist marketing and you’ve got to do it.  Start writing out your cards right now and have them completed by mid-October.  Trust me on this one.  Make it happen now or it won’t happen at all.

Gain Reviews

This is the time of the year where our monthly client count is at it’s peak.  We’ve got to capitalize on that volume and ask every client you see for a review.  Short of asking for reviews on social media (which is oh-so-tacky and really ineffective) you can ask any other way you feel comfortable including in a newsletter, verbally, through a rewards system, etc.

Join Me For My Free Goal Setting Class Hosted This December

If you attended my free online goal setting workshop last year, you likely set some pretty awesome lifestyle and income goals for the year and I want to make sure that all of those dreams come true for you.  

If you missed it last year, no worries, we’ll be doing it again this year in December.  The training is hosted for free on my Facebook page and includes a PDF workbook and three 20-minute video lessons shared over three days.  Think goal setting is kind of lame?  I used to too until I started setting goals using my awesome new method that I know you'll love.

I also want to remind you to take a step back and enjoy this time.  Yes, you can work your ass off and make extra money for sure, but be sure you slow down and enjoy this season too.  It goes by fast and really is the most wonderful time of the year.



Ps if you're in Thrivers Society, don't forget that our 1-hour holiday season success workshop is coming up on Monday September 11, 2017 at 12pm PST! We'll be diving deep in to the details of what you can do to be exceptional as you navigate the holidays. 

Britt Seva