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I tend to think that all stylists got in to this industry to be successful, yet so many are unknowingly self-sabotaging themselves.

There are 7 big, fat excuses I hear circulating around our industry on a daily basis that are completely holding stylists and salon owners back in their growth.  It’s human nature to naturally make excuses instead of making action plans, but we’re going to get over that today as we uncover and debunk each big, fat excuse.

Excuse #1 I would totally market myself and use your suggestions but I just can't afford it

The day you got your cosmetology license you chose to be an entrepreneur. You live and die by your marketing decisions. It doesn't matter if you're a booth renter, a commissioned stylist or an assistant, there's an expectation for you to build that clientele which means you're an entrepreneur and it is your job to fill that chair.

We are so lucky that with a budget of five hundred dollars a year, which is what I require if you're going to build as a stylist, you can fully build a marketing system. I don't know of any industry where you can build a business for yourself and five hundred dollars a year that doesn't even exist. That marketing cost is exceptionally low.

If I told you that  if you did invest that $500 in marketing your business this year you would get that back within 90 days and go on to maybe even double your income, would you do it?  Of course you would, so saying “I don’t have the money” is a big, fat excuse.

Excuse #2 I just don't have the hours to dedicate to things like social media or marketing.

The most successful people in the world still only have 24 hours a day, they are just choosing to spend those hours differently than you are.  They also have all the things you have; the kids, the commutes, multiple businesses, multiple jobs. They got all of that. So you're not the only person with a full plate.

You are just choosing not to spend your time doing social media putting in time for marketing. That is your choice. Maybe you're choosing to watch real housewives maybe you're working a second job. Maybe you are with your family. I get it. All those things are important. But at some point you have to make a choice and really prioritize growing your business.

That doesn’t mean you don’t still spend time with your family and do fun things with your friends, it just means you skip a few episodes of RHOC so that you can make an extra $10K this year.  Sounds like a decent trade off!

So, “I don't have time” isn't going to work anymore. You make a choice. It’s time for you to prioritize and make sure you're spending your time wisely.

Excuse #3 I'm not seeing the results as quickly as I wanted so I'm just going take a break

You will never get the results you're looking for by taking breaks

I know the vicious cycle; you get excited you do some for a while, it doesn’t come together as quickly or easily as you hope, so you decide to take a little break and come back to it when you have more time or more energy or more money, blah, blah, blah.   

Marketing is all about momentum. Successful marketers had plenty of misses before they had any hits and their success secret it that they kept pushing forward.

When something doesn’t come together quickly or it doesn't end up looking like you thought it would, it just means you need to pivot your strategy or maybe work a little harder.  Maybe you need to educate yourself or try a new technique, but you never take a break.

You need to stay persistent be consistent to achieve the results you're looking for.

Excuse #4 I would do all of the social media & marketing, but I would just prefer that my business grew more organically on referrals

Wanting to grow your business only by referral doesn’t make you special, it makes you normal.

We all wish that our business would grow more organically through referrals and there was a time when word of mouth was king.  There was no Instagram, no Facebook, websites weren’t even that common so your local reputation and personal referrals was the #1 growth strategy.

That's not the world we live in today.

I realize it does take a lot of time, energy and effort to do social media, but we have no choice, that is the business marketing world we live in today.  If you’re one of those stylists thinking “I'm going to just wait for the referrals to pour in” or “maybe another stylist will leave and then I’ll get some of her clients”, don’t hold your breath  because that is the slowest possible path to success.

I want you to quit making the excuse of “I'm more of a stylist who builds organically”. Take your business seriously and put in the system and structure that works in today's industry.

Excuse #5 I'd be seeing more referrals except I have one of those clienteles that just doesn't really send referrals.  

Do this…. Fill in the blank:

I am the best stylist for new clients to see because______________________

What you fill in the blank with can’t be due to cutting or coloring skills, how caring you are, how many years of experience you have.  Hundreds of thousands of stylists have all of that so that doesn’t make you special, it makes you qualified.

When we want our clients to be sending referrals, I always say “let’s give them something to talk about”.  You have to bring something to the table that NOBODY else in your area is bringing.

You need to fill in that blank with something exceptional and worth gushing about if you want to see referrals

Excuse #6 My clientele just doesn't use social media, so today's marketing doesn't work for me.

Nope you're wrong.

I am looking at statistics as we speak and as reported by Adweek 79 percent of people between the ages of 18 and 49 are on one social media platform at least. So my guess is most of your target market clients the people you're trying to attract your chair are somewhere between the ages of 18 to 49.

You're trying to attract new clients and the vast majority of the country is on social media right now. So then let's get back to it because maybe your excuse is valid.

If social media isn’t working for you, it’s not because your clients aren’t on it.  It’s because the content you’re sharing is low quality, inconsistent or just wrong.

I want you to learn to use social media properly. Figure out what platform you should be focused on and how to use the platforms.  If you need more guidance, check out my program Thrivers Society by clicking here.

Excuse #7 My salon location isn't good and the owners make it hard for me to build and market myself

You have two choices: talk to the owner and find a compromise or quit.  There is no third option.

You can’t become the victim of your environment.  If you truly can’t build because your salon is so terrible, why are you still working there?  You need to set yourself up for success and if you’re working for people or in a place that doesn’t support that, the next step is obvious, start looking for a new salon.

Excuse # 8 I just don't know where to start.

Just freakin start. Do something. Start somewhere.

I'm a firm believer that there is an order of operations and there's a smooth way to get your startup in running. You can head to my coaching program to check out more on that, but the most important thing that you do is you just do something different.

If you want to change something in your life or in business, something has to change.

To hear more on this topic, tune in to The Thriving Stylist Podcast episode 10.  Click here to listen now


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