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I want to talk about social media in a way that you probably haven’t heard it talked about before. No hacks, no quickie ideas in the moment, but instead real success strategies.

I want to share with you the real nitty gritty social media strategies that you need to know if you want to grow your clientele or business using Facebook or Instagram.

For those of you who are waiting for social media to die out, or for online reviews to become less important, those days are not coming. Embracing social media and hopping on board is essential to your success. With that being said there are so many lessons to be learned from the industry. Today I am going to cover 6 of those lessons with you.

Success Strategy #1: It's not about how many people follow you. It's about how many of those followers take action.

It is not about how many people follow you, but instead what you do with that audience. It is the concept of being popular vs. being profitable. If your goal is to collect as many followers as you can you are playing the wrong game.

The goal should be to serve your community the best you can, knowing that those you are meant to serve and those who are a good fit for you and your business will find you.

If I only gain one follower today, or if I don’t gain a single follower today, my message remains the same. My belief in my business stays the same. I know that if all my followers wanted to become one-on-one coaching that would be more business than I could handle.

Do not get caught up in the numbers. It is all about serving your community the best as you can and turning those followers into clients. That is the name of the game.

Success Strategy #2: Put your best foot forward.

This is one I see a lot of people struggling with, I can see people really trying and wanting to get great results, but they’re not putting their best foot forward and the messaging is getting skewed.

What do I mean by best foot forward?

Quality counts in the photos, simple backdrops, good lighting, and good flattering angles.

Some areas to think about:

  • Smart phones work great
  • Don’t have your cluttered salon as your backdrop of your photo

  • If the color of client’s hair is distorted, that won’t draw in a new guest

  • If you are shooting from a downward angle and I’m looking up your guest’s nose-- Not pretty

Do this exercise: Look at 5 Instagram or Facebook accounts of stylists, specifically stylists that you admire. Stylists that have a successful business to whatever your standards are. Look at what kind of pictures they’re posting and look at your pictures and notice the differences in them. This simple exercise can really give a sense of where you can improve.

Success Strategy #3: Stay consistent.

You can't take a break. People are following you because they want to hear your messaging. That is why they are there. They want to connect. They want to see what you're up to. You must give the people what they want. If you're not showing up consistently for them they are not showing up consistently for you.

You don't have to commit to posting a dozen times a week. If you can consistently show up three times a week and literally be like Brit for the next four months I'm going to post three times a week. Great. That's a whole lot better than playing the game of 10 posts this week to two posts next week. Pick what you can handle, get consistent with it and grow and shift from there.

It is important that you pick a schedule you stick with that and you give the people what they want and you're showing up very consistently with content.

Success Strategy #4: Remember who you're trying to attract.

I think a lot of us get so plagued by squirrel syndrome and when we see something cool on social media immediately think “Oh, I should do that!”

You need to sit and ask yourself, “Should you though?” Or “Should that account do that?” This is important to consider since that account is speaking to their perfect target market client and maybe your client wants something completely different.

Let’s talk target market. I think a lot of stylists get skewed and think we just want clients, when in fact that is not what you want because you want to attract a specific clientele. When we start speaking to more of our perfect clientele they click with us, we click with them, the referrals come in and business really grows and thrives.

There is a perfect target market client for all of us and it is important that your messaging is speaking to that person. You’re not trying to attract everybody. None of us are.

A good successful business attracts and repels. Messaging and branding must stay very true to you so that you are only attracting people who will be a great fit.  Messaging must be very in line with your perfect ideal client. So, think about who you want sitting in your chair. Look at your social media and say is what I’m posting in line with that perfect client?

Success Strategy #5: Bring more of you to the table.

YOU are your brand.

Your clients don't like you because you cut nice layers- cutting nice layers is easy, formulating color is easy. These are skills that anybody can master. Having an incredible personality, offering a great guest experience, being lovable, making your clients feel confident and welcomed. Those are special things and your clients come back to see you over and repeatedly because you are you, not because you do a good touch-up.

The more of you can show on social media the more successful you will be your followers will feel more connected to you your messaging will be clearer and it will feel more authentic.

If you go to my Instagram you will see for years I was posting just hairstylists business tips, inspirational quotes, tidbits of information, and links to my blogs. It was very resourceful and fully in line with my branding. I was staying in my lane and doing what was appropriate for my business. But there was no ME.

You need to bring yourself to the table and show who you really are. Embrace the good the bad and the ugly of your family, your life, your journey and be authentic. This has done wonders for me, and I encourage you to do the same.

Success Strategy #6: Be authentic.

Being authentic often is the hardest part. We too easily find ourselves doing what someone else is doing or doing something that has already been done.

So much of my success has stemmed from not faking it, I’ve always shown up as who I am, take it or leave it. This is my style. I am not going to be somebody different, conform to a standard, or copy somebody else.

I challenge you not to look around and be like “Oh, so-and-so does this on Instagram or Facebook, I should do that.” or “Oh, so-and-so does this and I like the look of their feed, I’m going to copy that.” No, they’re already doing that. Ask yourself this instead. What is true to you?

I found what was true and sincere to myself, and that is was has brought me so much success. I challenge you to do a little soul searching and ask yourself these questions; who am I, how do I want the world to see me, what is my true north, how can I put this on social media, what do I want my work to say about me, who do I want to attract to my clientele, what parts of my personality do I want to shine through and can I make that clear on social media?

I hope that the 6 strategies I shared really hit home and I hope that they sink in. I hope they give you a lot of clarity and the confidence to do you and find your identity on social media and really take the bull by the horns and just go all in.

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