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I am super excited to talk social media with you guys, and that is because I have not gone this deep into a social media talk before. I also have an amazing tool that is going to help you get your social media in check!

If you head to which is podcast episode number 30, I have a PDF workbook that is going to help you to analyze your social media and make a killer plan moving forward. I know a lot of you are going to listen to this episode, and get really excited and think you don’t need the worksheet, and just go for it. You are selling yourself short if you do this.

Back in episode 002, I did a whole episode on productivity, and have an entire PDF workbook to go along with it. There were a lot of listeners who tuned into this episode and thought they would be fine without actually taking the time to download the workbook. Weeks later they circled back and told me they cheated themselves and should have downloaded the workbook from the start.  They cut corners, didn’t think they needed it, skipped that step and ultimately ended up wasting a lot of time. Don’t be that person!

Take the time to take advantage of the super actionable PDF workbook I have created, this is going to help you analyze your social media and make a super sold plan moving forward.

Everyone has social media.

My assumption is that everyone listening to my podcast or reading my blog has social media. You either have Facebook or Instagram, and that is how you found me in the first place.

If I took a poll and asked my listeners how many of you put good effort into social media I would assume 70 percent of you would say yes, that you have really attempted social media on one platform or the other and it is not working for you the way you want it to. The other 30 percent of you might say that you have not honestly gone all in when it comes to social media. I don’t believe that those of you who have not gone all in is because lack of desire, but instead lack of education.

The power of social media is undeniable. It is the number one business builder for all of small business. If you’re using it correctly this should be your number one referral source and it is the easiest way to build business. So, for most people if I said this is the easiest way to build business it's like putting marketing on autopilot. Why wouldn't you do it. Because you don't know what you're doing. So, it comes down to lack of education.

Instead of giving you a list of strategies, tips, and tricks, we are going to take a step back and dive deep into some of the things you may be doing wrong. We are going to look at why you are not getting the maximum results from your social media and I am going to give you the tools for mega success that will enable you to turn your Facebook and Instagram account into a business building resource.


The Most Likely Causes of Social Media Failure:


Reason Number 1: Quality of photos isn’t good.

A lot of people believe they are checking all the boxes when it comes to their photo quality. Many stylists are purchasing a ring light, learning how to use their cameras, how to filter to their photos, and truly believe that by taking these steps they have done everything right. When I look at the pictures I can see that even though you have checked all the boxes there are still some things that are wrong.

I have seen things such as the angle of the light may not be right, so there are shine spots on the hair, or there are what I like to call hot-spots where the lighting is off, so the hair is really light and over shot in some areas and then very dark in other areas and unbalanced and not how the hair would appear to be if the person was walking on the street. This is not going to perform well in a social media feed.

If you are going to post a photo on social media, generally speaking you need to use a clean white backdrop. Some stylists have amazing spaces to use either outside their salon or inside their salon. Spaces like beautiful wood walls, beautiful brick walls, or beautiful lush green areas. The key to success with these backdrops is consistency, even though it is not white it is super clean, it is very consistent with good balanced lighting and looks good. These stylists are the exception not the rule. For most of you if you are shooting against your retail shelves or take a picture of your client still sitting at your station you are blowing it.

If your salon does not have a space to take photos, make one! You have to find a nice clean space to take great social media photos. It does not matter how great your work is if you are not taking quality photos. Some of you have a great space to take photos, but your downfall is posing and your clients look awkward, or you are good at color and your finishing work isn’t there. For whatever the reason the quality of the photos isn’t good enough.

We have to teach ourselves how to be good at social media. Those who become successful practice, they allow themselves the grace, time and knowledge to get better with it.

Reason Number 2: Your captions on your photos.

The captions you are using on your photos may not be good. There a lot of people who are still captioning photos with “Who loves this brunette, click like or comment below.” This does not grab my attention, we have seen posts like this millions of times by now.

You must figure out how to use captions to your advantage. There are tons of different ways that you can learn to write great captions. In my Thrivers Society program, and Facebook Mastery program I have a caption guide. Both of those tools are meant to give you starting points, meant to give you an idea of how to formulate good captions. If your photo is great, but your caption is not there this will ultimately affect your social media reach.

Reason Number 3: Your page has no vibe.

A reason you may not be getting good reach is that your page has no vibe. If you have joined me for my free one-week hair stylists bootcamp that I host a couple times a year I always talk about target market and branding being a vibe. A brand is not your logo or your name. Branding is the process of evoking emotion in a consumer or a person who is meeting you for the first time. Your brand should express who you are to a consumer before they even meet you. A consumer should get an amazing sense of who you are just by looking at your brand.

A well branded Facebook page or well branded Instagram gives you all the feels. You should be able to look at it and think I get it. It needs to look consistent, it can’t look scattered. Having clean captions and backgrounds is going to be a big part of that.

Reason Number 4: Consistency.

Consistency is another reason you may be failing, especially those of you who are starting off on social media. A lot of the time it’s momentum that you can only keep up for a certain amount of time, and then the overwhelm happens where you feel like all you are doing is posting an no one cares. So, then you slow down, you don’t post as much or as often. Then 3 months down the line you will go on another bender you will start doing more posts and then you will get sick of it again.

If you are not consistent how can you expect anyone to ever consistently show up for you. You have to be the one to show up consistently first. You have to lead the way, you have to have a plan for social media. Start off slow, stay with what you can manage and be consistent.

Reason Number 5: You are not making your clients feel like you are a cut above the rest.

In the United States there are over 1 million licensed cosmetologists, that is just in the U.S. alone. So, you are 1 in a million. We have all seen good hair, it is not difficult to find good cuts and color anymore. We are in an industry that is more well educated than ever before. Thanks to social media it has never been easier to find talented stylists, so just being talented is not going to cut it anymore. It has become what do I offer that nobody else is doing and how do I showcase that on social media. Think about you as a consumer.  Who do you like to follow? You like to follow standout brands that do things differently. That is who you have to be.

Everything you post should add value to your followers lives. Don’t be self-indulgent. Every time you post you should be taking the time to think about how it can enhance the lives of your followers and make them feel a certain way. Having valuable content that people look forward to is a real game changer.

Reason Number 6: Poor fishing technique.

I think most stylists use a poor fishing technique when they use social media. Imagine social media as being the ocean, and you are out there with millions of other people trying to use the same platform and you are trying to stand out amongst the waves. Most people take a little tiny fishing pole and cast it into the ocean and hope that some fish are going to catch. This is what you do. You make a post, use some hashtags, and cross your fingers hoping the right person is going to stumble upon your page. This sounds like a losing strategy.

The most successful online marketers in any industry use a net, meaning instead of just casting the fishing pole into the ocean they are taking the world’s largest fishing net and research to find hot-spots and they scoop fish up by the bucket load. That’s how I use social media. I don’t throw my hook out and hope somebody catches.

You need to be active, you need to seek people out, you need to put yourself in front of people. Get out in front of new potential new clients instead of waiting for them to stumble upon you.


Now that you know what you might be doing wrong, let’s get you on the fast track towards doing things right.


Take a look at your last 10 posts on Facebook and your Instagram:

I want you to see the timing between each post. How long did it take you to get 10 posts up? That number alone is going to give you some feels.

Take off your stylist hat and put on consumer glasses, pretend you are looking at your social media as an outsider. Out of those last 10 posts which of those posts would make you think “Oh yeah,” if I was a prospective client this would convince me to come in. That is a real heavy question. Then look at the last 10 posts overall and say that if this is the snapshot that somebody saw of my business, would they pull the trigger? Would they get a sense of who I am and the kind of work I do and the clients I work with?

Really look at your pages with the eyeballs of if somebody was scrolling through your page and they were only giving you 10 or 20 seconds of their time. Then ask yourself if you are delivering the message and vibe you want to convey.

Analyze 5 accounts that you love on Facebook and Instagram.

What are they doing? What posts give you the feels when you look at their posts, which ones are you looking at and wishing you could do something like that? When you see those kinds of posts save them to your photos on your Instagram and create an inspiration collection for yourself. I encourage you to do this with photos outside of our industry as well.

Starting in 2018 I put blinders on and I don’t look at the pages of any one in our industry at all anymore, because it really affects the way I see my own business in a not good way, so I have gone on to find outside inspiration sources.

Look at hairstylists and salons you love, but branch out a little bit too and see what is out there that gives you all the feels. This is going to help you find direction as far as what works and what doesn’t work.

Cleanse the accounts you follow.

I do this twice a year without fail. A couple of times a year a get sick of what I am seeing on my Instagram feed and will go through and unfollow about 50-75 people and add another 10-15 new accounts. I do this because when I go to my feed I want to be beyond inspired by every single photo I see, and if I am not the why am I there? I want to be on social media because it adds value to my life. If I am going to use social media in a valuable way I need to only be following accounts that lift me up. Take the time to go through and assess who you are following and what your standards are and what you are taking a look at.

Make a posting plan.

If you can’t post 5 days a week don’t do it. Start off with 3 days a week. Even if you only see one client this week there is no reason why you shouldn’t be taking 15 photos of that guest. Our clients know social media is part of the business and will not get annoyed with you taking pictures, if you don’t take pictures you will leave them wondering why you didn’t. You need to take photos, you need to practice telling your guests you will be taking pictures, you need to practice posing and getting the hair right. Until you practice you are never going to get it. You are not going to get it done correctly until you start doing it. So even if you just see one guest a week you should have enough content to post three photos through the week. There is no excuse, commit yourself to doing it.

Not all of your posts need to be a grand slam/ Be consistent and show up.

Not all of your social media posts need to be grand slams. Don’t get posting analysis paralysis. You should not be spending 45 minutes to an hour trying to create the perfect Facebook or Instagram post. This is why often social media feels like such a time suck, because you are spending the time try to achieve constant grand slams. Can you imagine if I was a baseball player and every time I go up to the plate I was like if I don't make this a grand slam I'm just going to quit. A lot of us put that pressure on ourselves but the team manager, the rest of your team and everybody in the stands just wants to see an at bat. Instead of trying to be perfect, consistency is key. Making sure to always post great content is important, but stick with your vibe and stick with a good message and keep showing up. The more you show up, and play the game and at least trying the better off your game will be and you’ll get more wins.

Don’t be self-indulgent.

Whenever you post on social media don’t be self-indulgent even if you are posting a photo of yourself. Get out of your own headspace and think about how you can use that post to add value to your followers lives instead of trying to market or sell something. This is such a game changer. Once you have that mindset shift the captions come easier and the post ideas start spinning through your head and it all becomes so much easier.

Thank you so much for joining me and I hope you all have had lots of aha moments!

Make sure you head to to get your Social Media Check-Up Worksheet the tips and strategies I share there are not just a recap of what I went over, it is different strategies that you will want to get your hands on. It is going to take you 10 minutes to do and it’s going to totally change the game for you. Make sure you go over there download it, print it out, and get your copy.

To hear more on this topic, tune into the Thriving Stylist Podcast Episode 30. Click here to listen now.

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