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What’s up love!

I’m Britt and I’m beyond excited to have you here


WHo Am I?

I’m a beach town babe born and raised in Half Moon Bay, California. I have been a licensed cosmetologist since 2007, I coached my first salon to success in 2010 and I live each day to chase big dreams with a cup of coffee in my hand and a pit-bull pup at my feet.

I’m married to my handsome, paramedic-firefighter, high school sweetheart and we can usually be found walking the beach, cheering on the SF Giants or watching episodes of the Office on Netflix over, and over….and over. We are the parents of a brilliantly sarcastic, softball-superstar 15-year-old daughter and the sweetest, funniest 4-year-old son a mama could ask for.

How I got here…..

 I wasn’t born to be a business coach or even a hair stylist. I got my cosmo license because I was dreaming of a career that would allow me to live a wealthy life full of love, fun and work-life balance.  I became a mama at 18 and, and with the pressure on to create an incredible life for my growing family, I decided becoming a hairstylist was my best option.

Boy, was I right.

After building my clientele at the peak of the most recent US economic recession, I was  promoted to the position of Salon Director in my 7-figure salon where I was able to coach and incredible team of 28 stylists to success.

How Did I Become A Coach?

All of my success was due to the fact that when others zig, I zag. I see the gaps, stay 6 steps ahead and know how to coach a stylist or salon to be the front runner in their community. Word got out that I knew how to do things differently and coaching requests began pouring in from all over the US and beyond.

I have coached thousands of stylists, salon owners and industry educators since I took on my first coaching client in 2010 and yes, I pinch myself every morning that this is my real life.


What’s my secret sauce?

Confession: I’m a secret tech geek and I spend my free time taking classes on social media and online marketing strategy from today’s leading experts. 

My current students love that I’m always bringing cutting edge strategy, yet my teaching style keeps the lessons light, fun and simple.  While making tons of money is great, my coaching helps stylists to achieve a well rounded wealthy life filled with more time off off, less stress and the money flowing in is the icing on the cake.

You’ll never hear me say “you’ll need to work more hours” or “it’s time to start handing out more cards”. Modern marketing calls for a system that most other coaches just aren’t talking about and I’m ready to dish up the real talk in a way you’ve never heard it before.

How Can We Start Working Together?

If you’re ready to start living that wealthy life, we’ve got all kinds of options.

While I no longer take on any one-on-one coaching clients, I’ve got plenty of free resources to get you inspired and several online courses and training programs for the stylist and salon owner who is ready to see real results.

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You’re probably full of questions which is awesome since I’m full of answers! Submit your question using the form listed here on this page and I’ll get to it in a future podcast episode or Facebook Live broadcast!

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