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Free Online Business Classes

Several times a year I offer totally free, totally online live business classes on topics such as social media, business organization, clientele building, improving the guest experience, building your brand, reaching your target market, building your website and more.  Members get early access before classes fill to capacity

Early Access To Thrivers Society

Thrivers Society is my step-by-step marketing system for hairstylists who want to master social media, increase their income, grow their clientele and end the marketing overwhelm.  Thrivers Society only opens twice per year and sells out quickly.  Members get notifications about Thrivers reopening before anybody else

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Weekly Blog Posts & YouTube Video Tutorials

Each week I share the most current and effective strategies that hair stylists all over the world are using to achieve great success in their business.  In just 5 minutes each week you'll be brought up to date on the best strategies for your business behind the chair.

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Live Class Opportunities

I'm proud to announce that I will be offering some incredible live workshops in 2017.  I will not be launching the classes to the public so community members will be the only stylists able to gain access to the small group classes.

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Free Downloads, Guides, Workbooks & Tools

I release free resource guides and tools for hair stylists through the year on topics such as Instagram mastery, Facebook optimization, business organization and so much more.  As a member you'll get early and automatic access to all of the free tools I release

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Free Training Opportunities

Each year as I develop new programs, a select group of stylists are chosen to receive free one-on-one training with me and an incredible group of other stylists.  Applications are sent by invitation to community members only. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity!