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I Love Free Trainings And I Can Not Lie…..

Oh yes…free trainings and cheesy jokes are in abundance around here.

But in all seriousness, my goal is to help you succeed in all aspects of your business as quickly as possible. If you’ve got some time this week, join me for one of these three, amazing, free, online trainings.

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7 days to a perfect website

Think of your website and your social media profiles as being in a marriage. They are in a partnership to grow your business and you’ve got to have both if you plan to grow your clientele.

In this 60 minute online class I share the key elements that will work to drive new business, how to format your site so that new guests fall head over heels in love and how to build your own site, even if you aren’t tech savvy .

We cover all of the mistakes I see 99% of salons making on their website and you’ll walk away from this one on a total website building high!

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the facebook reset

Do you feel beyond frustrated with your Facebook marketing efforts?

Like you put in a ton of time to post photos, write captions, market your business only to receive 2 likes, hardly any comments and no new business.

Through this 75 minute class I share why Facebook should be your #1 new client source (yes, way more so than Instagram!), what content you should post and what content is completely ruining your algorithm. We’ll cover the steps you need to take to stop feeling frustration and start seeing real results.

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Retail therapy

Launching February, 2019

Do you think that selling retail in the salon is a thing of the past? Like all clients just buy on Amazon or at Ulta anyway? Think again…

Through this free, online training I’ll show you how to beat out those big retailers without discounting, desperate pleas to “support my business and buy here” or any other dated sales strategies.

Registration opportunities are coming soon!