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I became a Social Media & Marketing Strategist for hair stylists by chance, I keep it real by choice. 


After growing up in the cozy beach town of Half Moon Bay California, I dreamed of finding a career that would allow me to live a wealthy life full of love, fun and work-life balance.  I welcomed my first child at 18 and, with the pressure on to create an incredible life for my growing family, I decided to become a hairstylist.


I dove in head first building my clientele in 2008 just as the most recent US economic recession hit.  My secret to success…no fear of being weird.  At the time, nobody was teaching stylists how to use social media to market themselves and the strategies that were being shared were dated and ineffective.  I decided immediately to break the mold and forge my own path to success by trying innovative techniques that other stylists thought were insane.


After being promoted to the position of Salon Director in my 7-figure salon, other salon owners starting asking if I’d be able to help them grow their business and teams.  Word spread that I knew my sh*t and the demand grew to a point where I couldn’t fulfill all of the requests I was receiving for support.


In 2014 my Thrivers Society Business Building System For Hair Stylists was launched online and to date I’ve coached thousands of hair stylists to success.  I am addicted to the feeling of making a real difference in this industry by teaching not WHAT to do to build business as a stylist, but detailed techniques on HOW to actually do it.  


Confession: I’m a secret tech geek and I spend my free time taking classes on social media and online marketing strategy from today’s leading experts.  My current students love that I’m always bringing cutting edge strategy, yet my teaching style keeps the lessons light, fun and simple.  While making tons of money is great, my coaching helps stylists to achieve a well rounded wealthy life filled with more time off off, less stress and the money flowing in is the icing on the cake.


If you’re ready to start living that wealthy life, click here and let’s get this party started by taking my latest free online training class.  Dates are scheduled this week so I’ll see you in there love!

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I am bursting at the seams to share with you everything I know about building your business in this incredible industry! In the meantime, help point me in the right direction.  If you have a hot topic that you're dying to know about, please drop me a line and I'll be sure to include my best advice in an upcoming newsletter or post.  XOXO

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