Featured Programs & Coaching

The Retreat

Looking for one-on-one coaching?  Want to meet other like minded stylists who want to grow their business as fast as possible?  Looking for a custom designed success map for your business?  If you're ready to level-up your career and explore "what's next" on your professional journey, The Retreat is for you.

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Thrivers Society-The Hair Stylists Roadmap To Success

Hair stylists all over the world have mastered social media, increased their clientele & grown their income through my premier online coaching program.  Thrivers Society is currently sold out, so get on the waitlist for updates & special offers!

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The Website Academy For Hair Stylists

Websites are no longer optional for hair stylists.  Most web designers are out of our budget and don't know what it takes to build a great salon site.  Through my online training program, even the non-techy stylist can create a gorgeous website without breaking the bank.